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July 25, 2005

Walking, kinda

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Progress since my cast came off about ten days ago has astonished even me. Last week's two outings into the city to Optronica helped find, and quite honestly step over, the boundary of what I'm capable of then, and set a benchmark. Since then it's been solid daily progress.

And I'm loving the opportunity for all this guilt-free sleep...

Wednesday, less than a week after my cast was off, I came out with crutches and ordinary shoes--no Aircast support boots. 200m felt like a 20km hike, and I ended up in a restaurant with my feet in ice. Well, you don't know the limits 'til ya step over 'em :-)

Five days later, i.e. today, I can almost walk unsupported in ordinary shoes. My right crutch (only!) has to touch down during a small phase of the movement. I look like someone walking rather than someone fiercely concentrating on coordinating four limbs and staying upright... Earlier I got up the stairs without crutches at all, hanging onto the handrail.

I can bear all my weight on my left foot, standing. This is three weeks ahead of schedule. Exciting stuff - I have been visualising hard on walking unaided to my next surgery appointment next Wednesday. I'm tantalisingly on the point of daring to believe it might actually happen.

Limiting factor in terms of biomechanics at the moment isn't my heels oddly enough but the tendons running alone the bottom of my right foot, and (thus?) flexibility in my toes - the time in a cast has clearly allowed them to fade away. Of course, the whole foot gets tired -- the 20km hike effect. They're lasting more and more each day though! Woohoo!

Posted by Paul Makepeace at July 25, 2005 14:02 | TrackBack

Hey sweetstuff, that is AMAZING news! I am really glad that you are recovering so well.

You know, I haven't had an ibuprofen since we talked, have conquered my headache ... the last time anyway ;) nothing like the huge challenge of yours. But you have inspired me to take pain by the balls and boot it.

Thanks for that xxxxx

Posted by: Pei at July 25, 2005 22:22

step over, the boundary of what I'm capable of then, and set a benchmark.

Oh no! Side effects! The painkillers have turned you into a buzzword generator! You've got to bound this straw man by the mission-critical functions of your quality vector right now if you want to be a leading light in the life game!

Posted by: chrisworth at July 26, 2005 09:28

Hi, Only heard about your accident over the weekend, emailed Chris and he updated me, wonderful to read about your progress, keep up the visualsing, I am a firm beleiver that it works. Will do some on my own on your behalf!!

Posted by: Monique at July 28, 2005 06:50
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