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July 7, 2005

"Terror task"

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Terror task - a mindless, highly interruptible background activity that's possible to perform and feel vaguely useful since you're sure as hell not doing any real work while responding to the stream of "are you OK?" emails & SMSs, and refreshing RSS on various news sources.

My terror task right now: ripping hundreds of rock/pop promo CDs I scored off a freecycling music journalist. NP: Shoka on Stunt Girl, by A. C. Acoustics. I have a ton of NiN singles now too; never hurts to revisit the classics.

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Chuggers, Big Issue sellers, people hooting on their horns.

After yesterday's events this is possibly the only time that being stopped by the first two and sticking two fingers up at the last one made me grin in London.

Everyone stay safe.

Posted by: Ken at July 8, 2005 14:17
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