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June 14, 2005

New wheelchair!

Posted in: Injury Time

Thanks to the lovely Mo (and Guy, who helped tweak it for me) I have on loan one of her wheelchairs. A wonderfully smooth, light, high performance one to zip about on. How smooth, light, etc? As much as £2,500 buys of carbon fibre, aluminium, squishy gel, and custom engineering. It is really nice.

Mo's Indoor Wheelchair

One useful move is being able to under reasonable control get the front wheels up while rolling to mount kerbs or small heights. Especially with this chair as its front wheels are tiny (it's intended for indoor use, so minute turning circle). Entertained myself learning to do this and can now even roll and turn on two wheels.... The irony of ending up back in hospital having fallen out of a wheelchair hasn't escaped me :-)

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