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June 23, 2005

Into the real world...

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Apart from the ambulance ride home, which was heavily assisted, I took my first trip into the Real World in six weeks: a taxi up to a course in Earl's Court. The day was entirely unassisted, just kindly escorted by Tom. I've had an amazing amount of fussing around me over getting about but as I suspected it was trivial. Book a taxi, get into it. Next question?

First bit of networking and heavy people interaction for weeks too. Definitely leaning towards the introverted end again. Extroversion is like a muscle I have to work. Clearly atrophied recently :)

Anyway first day of Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics course: fast-paced, dense, challenging, fun. Looking forward to tomorrow! Will write more once it's done.

Notable bit for Friday will be a party on the way home involving being carried upstairs...

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It's excellent to see/hear that you're out and about.

I'll be very interested to see what you think of Roger Hamilton's course. I value your opinions a lot. Far more in fact than many other people and there has been a whole loada crap spouted about RH and his teachings, both for and against... more objective opinion will be refreshing.

I really do want to get over to see you. It's not far...

Posted by: Dom at June 25, 2005 14:12
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