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June 30, 2005

Another Paul Makepeace

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Someone once told me using the Net to find family members and tracing family history (genealogy) is the #1 use of search engines. I thought it was for finding info on good-looking people and current events but hey...

In the last week I've had three Makepeaces contact me, Jose, Ariel, and another Paul (who works at This England magazine)! How cool! Last week a visit from a cousin, Caroline, on the Storrar side, who happens to live about 50m from my house. Out of city of 7million that's bizarre, especially since our family is splattered all over the US, South Africa, England, and Holland.

Perhaps I can finally persuade our resident genealogist (my Mum) to start putting her vast collection of family history online at our Makepeace family home page...

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