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May 25, 2005

What's up, doc?

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For those interested in the gory details (and let's face it, you don't watch Formula 1 or Moto GP without a sneaky root for a crash): I have bilateral calcaneus fractures, extending into each talus joint, and an L2 lumbar vertrebra compression fracture.

What this means is both my heels are smashed with the fracture going up into a key joint between the leg and the foot. I have to stay in bed for two weeks (one down, one to go) until the feet's swelling has subsided enough to perform surgery. That is going to involve positioning the bone fragments in anatomical position and pinning them ("internal fixation"). Unfortunately this joint is key to a whole range of movements and takes months to recover, plus rehab, and chance of arthritis/restricted mobility. In my case, this all applies to both feet.

As for my back: the fracture is "stable" which means it's not at imminent risk of breaking and paralysing me. Which is nice. I'm at a stage now where it's not hurting any more. I am however a bit shorter (not sure how much; vertebra lost 20-30% of its height).

I had a nasty bruise on my elbow/ulna which I'm rehab'ing on my own with stretch bands.

Update: While I'm writing this the two doctors on my case relayed a message from the foot surgeon. Slicing and dicing for my right foot is set for next Tuesday when they'll do the reconstruction. My left foot, as it stands,--wait, bad expression--they're going to leave and review in a few weeks to see what can be done. There's apparently nothing they can do right now with it as the joint is quite badly shattered. As the doctor put it, "it's a Humpty-Dumpty case." So either it might sort itself out (go, foot, go!) or the joint might need to be fused (GAHHH!!! NOOO!!!)

Here's some more info on talus fractures. It's not particularly fun reading.

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Shakepeare got it wrong in King Lear: how sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have an injured child but he was right in that Paul's mother " with cadent tears fret channels in her cheeks". Paul's father too; we are unspeakably sad for our beloved son.

Posted by: Eira at May 25, 2005 20:24

Looks like patience and inactivity is your challenge ie find something worthwhile to do with your enforced rest.

Obviously fractures need to be set and that requires good skill by your surgeon. Trust to your best instincts and encourage high expectations.

Rapid healing requires deep relaxation in the affected part of the body. These are the things I would focus on with trancework.

Remember Bruce Lee broke his back and came back stronger than ever. He probably did a ton of acupuncture though. ;)

Posted by: Dave at May 26, 2005 04:17

20-30% of its height? What, you mean the shock of landing from 5m on your feet (hint: roll with it next time) made your spine squish vertically like Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout? It may be painful, but it sounds quite a cool thing to do with your body.

Posted by: chrisworth at May 29, 2005 23:58
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