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March 21, 2005


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Phew.. not much in the journal of late.. Plenty happening for sure however. Friday before last five of us gathered at my place for a kettlebell / gymnastics / strength training session. It was really good fun. Everyone totally caned. Ken wrote about it.

Last week saw a particularly geeky dorkbot london, lots of interesting human connections at wirelesslondon, and the highlight, a huge posse of us going to see Chemical Brothers play at Brixton Academy followed by a police-nearly-called afterparty at Stuart's. Finishing that night of SSRI and then JD abuse at Stu's I got into a particularly bizarre mood managing to improv about 10mins of literally no-pause gay schoolboy comic erotica while walking along the South Bank plus dirty talk using a second-hand car sale as a sexual metaphor... There's a surprising amount possible there! I nearly threw myself into the Thames just for the experience too. It was that close, I swear. (Ultimately mitigated by sudden realisation of having to walk 500m, in March, in England, before being indoors again...)

Jack Daniels seems linked to happenings like this, the insanity of Santacon, scampering around a Texas apartment complex wet&almost-naked chasing a big-boobed girl a fellow bodybuilder and I particularly liked (it was mutual; we both liked her), and several other borderline-sociopathic-but-invariably-entertaining experiences.

I may be forced to "schedule" JD along with Tequila, itself a scheduled (i.e. self-banned) liquor and facilitator of, er, rich personal experience for me for some years now...

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