February 22, 2005

One false move

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Back just before Christmas before I taped up its blade I was practising with my Balisong (aka Butterfly) knife and managed to mess up a catch:
Sliced Up

It's not actually as bad as it looks - I was just carrying some luggage and it opened up the cut and smeared everywhere.

The blade's taped up now anyway ;-)

This page dedicated to Emir who is a very bad boy.

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February 17, 2005

Training log with LKB

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Wow, over a week sans blog. Well, I'm keeping a training log over at the most excellent London Kettlebells forum. Been really enjoying messing about with some progressive gymnastic bodyweight exercises courtesy of this article. Today I held the Tuck Planche for several sets of ten seconds. Lame for a gymnast, stoked for lil' ol' me ;-)

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February 9, 2005

Acrobatics first time

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Trekked out to Beckton (25km from home) for an hour and a half of gymnastics/acrobatics at the East London Gymnastics Centre (Gymnova) thanks to a tip-off from Steve at the London Kettlebells forum.

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February 5, 2005

Kettlebell pushup jawstrap band

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A band to reduce a bit of the hassle of getting your mouth around the jawstrap. This hardly warrants an extra entry but this blog software doesn't allow inline images in comments, so here it is:

Kettlebell Jawstrap Band

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February 1, 2005

Pullup bar!

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Quite a few sporty entries recently and this is no different! Thanks to a few calls to random numbers listed in a 'recommended supplier' directory of SW1x laborers I chanced on Lee, a top geezer who installed my pullup bar (BT500 from Decathlon in Surrey Quays). It was one of those things where I probably could've done it myself but for 30q the job was done and I knew it was all sorted. I'm confident of being able to hang off this thing with all the gay abandon a freaky gym nut could hope to handle.

Pullup Bar Installation

Lee is delighted for me to hand out his number: +44 7976217486.

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