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January 15, 2005

Reading out loud

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I am lucky to have a few friends who really like my voice. It's nice to be liked, even if just for the patterns of one's laryngeal oscillations. An idea struck me the other day after a combination of some encouragement from a new friend, and thoroughly enjoying reading out loud to another friend (from "What do women want?", oddly enough). The idea is this: how about reading a book and putting it online, maybe a chapter a week?

Then I thought, if the chosen book had characters in it, how about having friends and other blog readers do the voices! I would be happy to stitch the recordings all together.

A free (as in freedom) book from Project Gutenberg would be ideal so everyone has the same text, easily readable, and copyright-free.

The only firm requirement is the text is in English (maybe Esperanto next time...). My own preference is fiction; reasonably modern; well thought of; not too heavy; and broadly appealing. Drop a comment down or email me!

Search Project Gutenberg

PS Don't think by not volunteering to read you'll be any more likely to hear me speaking in falsetto for female parts...

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