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January 18, 2005

Kettlebell juggling

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For the last few months I've been training exclusively with kettlebells, an old-skool form of weights used in Russia. They're like a cannonball with a handle on them, provide some brutal work-outs, and have recently been popularized in the US by Pavel Tsatouline. They're mostly unheard of in the UK1. Credit Karen in SF for putting me onto them.

They're amazingly good fun, and today I tried playing catch with one - complete with cheesy video.

The first encounter on a seminar by UK expert Lee Hadden I told him this was the most fun I'd had weight training, ever. The fact I was practically disabled from three hours of throwing iron around the next ten days only barely diminished that ;-)

Anyway, there's a sub-discipline of juggling which is throwing KBs in the air and catching them. Bear in mind the standard unit of KB is a 'pood', 16kg. That's a bit heavier than a typical car battery.

I had a go at it today, and guess what: amazingly good fun!

Here's an unedited video 3.4MB. I'm not throwing it super high and I drop it too. You should see the garden. (I put down some doormats and garden rugs to soak the drop. The doormat got ripped to shreds.)

1But then people actually doing any exercise at all in this country is mostly unheard of so what can you expect.

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