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December 8, 2004

Santa rampage

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Sartorial preparations for Santacon took a leap today. I bought no less than four Santa suits for friends, plus a variety of props to theme up two of them (that'll be the Makepeace brothers). I'm going as Santa Austin Powers: frills, velvet, bad teeth; and Nik's Satan Claws: trident, horns, tail. Wandering around Camden searching for a red/burgundy velvet jacket seemed almost in vain 'til I got seriously lucky and picked up something passable for a tenner. (Purple velvet jackets are two-a-penny; add in a little more red though and they're gone.)

I ended up with some tacky fake ruffs à la these. Was tempted however in a gothshop by a proper sumptuous frilly silk lace-up-front shirt that would be spectacular. I'm gonna see what I can do with extra lace and fledgling attempts at needlework first...

Showing up immediately after this at a dinner of possible future work colleagues, all suited, with me carrying four santa suits and a conspicious cheap plastic devil's trident drew some raised eyebrows. Heh.

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