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November 19, 2004

Zoom quilt

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Simple, elegant, beautiful: The Zoomquilt. The Flash version of Zoomquilt version is probably the most fun/interactive.

This piece was created collaboratively as you can see from the home page. The organizer, razghul links to, a collaborative "quilt" (tiled image) community foundry. The entry requirements for iCE are pretty steep so they say and the artwork really impressed me: here's an example.

Click a tile to see how it's produced: a gap surrounded by a few pixels of its completed neighbors is sent out ("checked out") from the system to the artist and within a day it has to be filled out and sent back ("checked in"). The tiles are rated by fellow tilers which contributes to the artist's overall rating. These artist ratings are then used by others to set entry requirements for producing subsequent tiles. Each tile even has its own mini bulletin board where style, construction, and other artistic themes are discussed.

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Fullscreen hack. Press F11 in Firefox or IE for a little bit more fullscreen. If you are using Firefox, you'll need to close the browser or switch to another tab to get your menus back because plugins hijack the keybindings :(

Brain hack:
Pull out and stare at the middle of the screen for a while as the quilt rushes away from you. When you are ready, release the mouse button and keep staring as the image warps.

Posted by: Nik at November 24, 2004 14:09
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