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November 7, 2004

Santacon in Paris!

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Possibly the most exciting news of the day, a Santacon event happening in Paris! The very idea of attending two santacons, internationally, in one year arose a couple of weeks back on the uksantacon mailing list but I scarcely allowed myself to consider it, merely posting support for the date of Dec 18th, so exciting was it!

My new heroine, Susie Hollands, has taken the lead and posted as close to something official as it probably needed... the original message copied below (including the explanation why it can't be called "santacon"...)

Bonjour UK Santas -

here in paris we are often in need of a little good cheer and ho ho ho.

i think it's time for the first ever Paris Santa....(we can't called it "con" because that means "cunt" in French)......the first ever Paris Santarchy.

As a proud veteran of 2001/2 Santacon's in London, I found the "experiment" intruiging - to see the response of the weary Oxford Street shoppers to our ensemble was unforgettable. Now. Try and imagine the effect on the denizens of Paris, not normally known for their joviality and sense of humour.....but, could they surprise us?

You are invited to hop on eurostar for Saturday 18th December and more than welcome to join us for a romp round the City of Light.

Kick off from Gare du Nord, Eurostar Terminal around midday.

You know the requirements: red togs, beards, tangerines and of course naughty and nice stickers. Plus Hip Flasks.

Just imagine Santa; La Tour Eiffel, Centre Pompidou, Sacre Coeur, Galeries Lafayette,La Moulin Rouge............

Please let me know if you are interested - i want to know numbers.

A bientot - La Parisienne Santa .

Posted by Paul Makepeace at November 7, 2004 20:47 | TrackBack

The original Santacon site is hence a suggestion of "Santarchie" as the French name. We're definitely open to other names that retain the spirit of the event and the French language!

Posted by: Paul M at November 9, 2004 16:26

Rats, I won't be in Paris that day :( Any chance that some stray santas would be ho-ho-hoing around on sunday? It reads from your post as if it had been organised on this side of The Sleeve, is there a local organisation?

Posted by: Robin Berjon at November 10, 2004 14:14

Hi Robin - yes, there should be others around on Sunday! Would be great to be shown around if the christmas cheer takes you. I for one intend to be in such a state as not to be able to eurostar back that day and I'm sure I won't be alone.

It's been organised starting in the etheric planes of the uksantacon list which, I think, has a reasonable number of eurolanders. Detailed discussion has continued offlist. Susie is in Paris.


Posted by: Paul M at November 10, 2004 14:35

I'm condering coming from Munich. Have to figure out the train prices still, though.

Posted by: Thomas Tempelmann at December 5, 2004 15:41

So what is the current state of Santarchie? It turns out I will be in Paris that weekend from New York and seeing as I missed the NY santacon...

Any way to get information?

Posted by: Billy at December 14, 2004 00:05

I've posted shots of the LA SantaCon 2004 at

See Santa play in 30 degree (celcius) weather at the beach.



venice, ca usa

Posted by: Santa_Saam at December 17, 2004 20:52
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