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November 26, 2004

Nike RunLondon counter-protests

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The 10km Run London event this weekend, which has been essentially co-opted by Nike, is bound to see a lot of protests owing to their ongoing use of sweatshop labour and well-documented disregard for employee health. Calls for action are popping up for meetings at the finish line.

SweatLondon is taking a different tack - rebelling against the "bunch of lefty morons" and organising a "counter protest", to "support Nike in their hour of need"...

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This turned out to be quite a giggle; we all stayed much longer than I think any of us really suspected.

The reaction from the public was largely blank stares, a few "good on you"s, and, amazingly, one anti-Nike protester having a go at us!

The muppets at Indymedia pulled our post. Twice! Robin had to email them and say essentially "Guys, is 'Sweatshops rock!' not ironic enough?". And os much for free speech. Muppets.

Here are some event pics.

Posted by: Paul M at November 30, 2004 04:51

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Posted by: Machutus at April 10, 2005 09:32

to all sweat shop protesters,

let's face it you are just a bunch of idiots. why don't you get a proper work out rather then protesting with some pathetic banners which look like they were made by a three year old?
i actually ran for an afghan charity a marathon earlier this year and even visited the region to see for myself what's going on. this is more rewarding then to mingle with some runners in far away london to protest for something you haven't got a clue about.


Posted by: Runner at October 4, 2005 17:24
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