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November 1, 2004

Calm Kerry, Blustering Bush

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The BBC is world-renowned for its impartial reporting. This series of images taken from the BBC News site of Bush/Kerry was spotted by Simon Wilcox and Paul Orrock. Apparently it didn't take long to come up with the series; about every page they looked at had the two candidates with similar expressions: Kerry looking calm and in control (even praying), while Bush has his appearance ranging from a mania to a monkey-face.

Mind you, this might just be an accurate portrayal ;-)

US rivals make closing arguments:

BBC News homepage:

Analysis: A political hand grenade:

US campaign enters final stretch:

US companies donate in return for access:

Can you find any more?

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It's funny, I don't remember ever seeing Kerry with anything but a stoic expression or a fake smile. I even had a suspicion that maybe there was something wrong with his facial muscles...?

Posted by: Dave at November 1, 2004 19:56
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