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July 9, 2004

Urban Tapestries Slashdotted

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The Urban Tapestries social research project into collaborative location annotation (phew!) was recently featured in Slashdot. A well-known side-effect of appearing on that enormously-widely read site is that the linked-to sites get pounded. It's not uncommon for those featured sites to go offline under the weight of Slashdot readers: hence "slashdotted".

Guess what happened?

Well, I'm delighted to report the whole show (physical server I specced, built, configured, installed, adminster, and the client-facing part of the software) stood up to the beating just fine.

Not only that, I was chatting yesterday with Giles at Proboscis who produce Urban Tapestries and there have been no technical queries or issues reported during a month-long 50-person trial that's taken place over the last month. I've presided over far more demanding jobs before but it's still nice when something Just Works, a phenomenon that most people who've used a computer have experienced as rare in software...

I'll sit here and glow with pride for a little while longer ;-)

Posted by Paul Makepeace at July 9, 2004 14:13 | TrackBack

Of course having written this up the software will crash, the server will develop a hardware fault, the data centre will burst into flames, all backups (onsite & offsite) will mysteriously melt, and then I'll choke bringing the other systems online...

Posted by: Paul M at July 9, 2004 14:31

It's true - there are few people that will happily work on something until it works beautifully, rather than "it kinda works, most of the time, from my machine - what's the problem"

Congratulations ... I'm proud of you ;o))


Posted by: Tom Ball at July 9, 2004 14:49

Good going PM!

Kick it boi!

Posted by: Brent at July 9, 2004 18:39
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