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July 1, 2004


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I ate some fillet steak tonight (blue cheese sauce, veggies, roast potato slices). The first red meat ordered in a restaurant since I was, I think, twelve. Before the last couple of years the total red meat I've eaten has probably been 200g at most. I've occasionally scarfed down sausages when there was almost nothing else to eat (i.e. other living humans' welfare was threatened, heh) or meat that would've been thrown out anyway. Dunno why I did it this time, it just sort of happened. I suppose partly the option in this meat-oriented restaurant was a couple of boring looking almost token chicken dishes I could've probably bettered with my eyes shut. The steak was quite tasty.

On the way to a late night rendezvous I was cycling at ambling pace through Hyde Park along Serpentine Rd. The full moon was casting its light dappling on the lake, little boats, and occasional other silent observers on the benches. The whole park was oddly empty, probably due to the fallout from the Tube strike. Enjoying the view I continued past, slowed, stopped, SMS'ed a blow-off, and cycled back to the lake. Sat watching the moon, bats, and little boats, enthralled. Gorgeous.

Feeling no particular pressure to belt home as I usually do I rode almost conspiratorially slowly around the empty park with a slightly altered moonstruck outlook. Completely and effortlessly lost, ending up at Lancaster Gate, thought of two friends who would've really appreciated the whole experience. SMSed one, wishing I could've SMSed the other.

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