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July 29, 2004

Parkour training rig -- right outside!

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After having my imagination captured by free-running / parkour I've started looking at urban street architecture in terms of running and jumping around and over it. And wondering how I'd train for this. By some bizarre fortune it turns out there are seven outdoor exercise stations spread out around a playing field almost adjacent to home! (I'd seen it before but not with the eyes of a budding freerunner...)

This evening, after a one km warm-up run I spent a very pleasant 45mins jumping, twisting, handstanding, pull-up'ing and generally taxing my ankles, wrists, and shoulders. What fun! And with a pull-up bar I have pretty much everything I need to hammer most muscle groups and thus avoid a gym membership... Woo-hoo!

Posted by Paul Makepeace at July 29, 2004 22:14 | TrackBack

i want to know where i could find a gym so i can train for free running/parkour as i want to get started.

Posted by: Shivdev Kang at January 7, 2005 12:44

parkour is brilliant

Posted by: mr c at January 7, 2005 13:01

parkour is brilliant

Posted by: mr c at January 7, 2005 13:02

Do you know if there are any parkour groups in scotland? if so where?

Posted by: Boistelle at January 8, 2005 12:57

ive just seen parkour and fink its class and want 2 know wer u can practise fingz like a wall flip.

Posted by: shaun at January 8, 2005 21:00

if u want info on parkour in all quarters of scotland then hit this website , i also recommend looking at for all the fundamentals

Posted by: martin at January 16, 2005 05:45

parkour sucks if there is nothing to jump or balance on

Posted by: bill at January 20, 2005 15:58

you could use to find out more information on parkour in scotland and find some groups!

Posted by: wallace at January 20, 2005 21:50

i think parkour is really good i've even got all my friends into it

Posted by: callum at January 26, 2005 12:08

Are there any prkur traning camps in the United States Virgin Islands.

Posted by: Snake at January 30, 2005 23:08



Posted by: Michael at February 21, 2005 20:18


Posted by: Michael at February 21, 2005 20:20

Does anyone know what i should start doing to get into PK?

Email me with hints and tips, i wanna get good!

My email addy is....


Posted by: StuJag at February 24, 2005 12:49

Can anyone help me find more info on parour, I am looking to start, and the web isn't helping. e-mail me is you know any warm ups or training please. Make the subject line read parkour

Posted by: Quilan at March 3, 2005 20:38

Are there any parkour groups in/near Fife if so where?

Posted by: Stu_sk8 at March 5, 2005 20:44

any beginners in los angeles?

Posted by: Ari at April 11, 2005 19:27

is their any parkour groups in Livingston or westlothian

Posted by: cambi at April 28, 2005 17:42

is thr a group in the kirkaldy-dunfermline area cause i cant find 1 anywhr??????
if u know 1 email me at or

Posted by: Michael at May 2, 2005 12:08

there are pk groups to be found everywhere if you just look on the parkour website or something like that

Posted by: Logan Lee at July 11, 2005 17:45

Parkour is easy to start training for. All you have to do is drill the basics.. every type of vault you can think of, precision jumps over gaps etc. If anyone wants any advice, feel free to contact me at

Alternatively, check out This is Edinburgh's main Parkour website, where any of your questions will be answered (even if you're not from Edinburgh).
Check out the videos section, , you will find tutorials of all the main techniques and moves.

Posted by: TicTac at July 18, 2005 11:13

I Would like to meet some ppl that study and do parkour i would like to write to them and if they would like to email me then its at

Posted by: Scott Carlson at July 25, 2005 08:45

awrite ppl im connor from dunfermline anyone in the area interested in being in our team "high vaultage" hers ma email or even if use jus wanna jam

Posted by: connor at August 4, 2005 11:18

parkour is so much fun but im a beginner if anyone has any fundamentals that they can teach me please e-mail me at

Posted by: epoch at August 9, 2005 04:54

Is there training places in Estonia. I have traind on my own about year (I'm 15 now). I saw it from extreme channel. Its cool. If somebody from Estonia sees this post. mail me Thnx.

Posted by: Eestlane at August 17, 2005 17:44

hey guys email me nd ill tell u whats to do in the parkour world ma addy is thats for msn im a sortof newb but i am preety gd at pk well as i said just email me

frm shorty safe

Posted by: shorty at September 4, 2005 16:26

Does anyone do parkour in stourport-on-severn, west midlands. Email with info

Posted by: Hal at September 9, 2005 18:25

hey guys im from urbanmotion

i know both tictac and shorty

if you are anywhere near edinburgh and want to start parkour

or to see urban motion videos

Posted by: Felix at September 16, 2005 22:40

im just starting parkour and it looks really interesting. Im fifteen and would like to learn some basics email me if u have ne suggestions

Posted by: Dave at September 18, 2005 22:19

hey im in a parkour group i have been doing parkour for 4 months now and know some funky stuff my parkour group is in southwest england

Posted by: deblanc at September 27, 2005 19:00

does anyone know how to do wall-flips?

Posted by: deblanc at September 27, 2005 19:01

n e 1 know were ther is any free running training on the wirral or the northwest

Posted by: cashy at September 30, 2005 14:58

thinking of starting PK, any tips for me please?

Posted by: Snakehips at October 6, 2005 21:25

Parkour training,

Lanark and Glasgow

Lessons for £10 for a 3 hour session

Reply to this if interested.

I am 28 and the other coach is 27

Posted by: Dougie at November 24, 2005 20:59

does any 1 know were there is any pk gyms around the preston area

Posted by: bob at November 30, 2005 12:28

hey guys ive been doin pk for about 2 years now if anyone is in the north west email me and we will sort out a jam some time the more the merryer

PyRo (defying laws, breakning rules, opening eyes)

Posted by: pyro at December 2, 2005 10:26

i want to no were i can get trained

Posted by: maxx at December 7, 2005 00:38

i want to no were i can get trained

Posted by: maxx at December 7, 2005 00:38

hi i was wondering how these guys get there answers to their questions because i want to know some of the stuff which has all ready been asked

Posted by: piptrix at January 11, 2006 20:20

hey!! bin duin pk for a while now so i've totally ran outta places 2 go... ne1 no ne decent places down the north east give me a shout...

Posted by: Jilly at January 14, 2006 11:21

yo are there any dutch parkour groups to be found?

please contact me:

im just a beginner so advice is always welcome

greetz B

Posted by: B-dude at January 19, 2006 16:11

If you check out you can find information about Parkour in California. From Los Angeles to San Diego to San Francisco to Sacramento to all of Cali.
Images, Videos, Articles, News, Sessions, Forums, etc.
Experienced Traceurs with lots of advice and a good community spirit.

Posted by: CAK at January 24, 2006 04:49

interested in parkour. need to know training venues in wolverhampton/birmingham. can you help? please e-mail me at

Posted by: ricky at January 28, 2006 15:30

Check out for all your edinburgh parkour needs

Posted by: Ross at February 7, 2006 10:14

Hey im Derrick and i have started Parkour i just need to no if any one has some good tips on any warm ups or if theres a sertain brand of shoe that works best for it but eh if theres any one thats in the sarnia ontario Area hook me up with a email at and ill show you some sweet places to train

Posted by: Derrick Cuthbert at February 10, 2006 15:01


Posted by: DESHAUNA at February 18, 2006 00:03


Posted by: DESHAUNA at February 18, 2006 00:04

Hey, I'm just gettin into the show of this and im wondering if theres any exericise that you can do to get stronger and if so whats the best ones...also if anyones interested in talkin about it moves or wht evr add me msn

Posted by: BjOnS at February 21, 2006 00:38

there any parkour training camp around the wales region?

Posted by: Asirdor at February 27, 2006 21:08

does anyone know if there is any parkour training gyms dat are in surrey i can go to plz!!!!!

Posted by: Evin at March 3, 2006 17:52

Hi i am pavlin i am from bulgaria and noe i am in itali i dont hav eni frends and i rili want tu learn that sport if som won cant send mi somthing treining stuf

Posted by: Pavlin at March 6, 2006 22:14

Hi i am pavlin i am from bulgaria and noe i am in itali i dont hav eni frends and i rili want tu learn that sport if som won cant send mi somthing treining stuf

Posted by: Pavlin at March 6, 2006 22:15

Hi there, looking for information on groups and classes in the east midlands area. We actually live in Leicester. Not for me but for my son who is fifteen. He has a group of friends who he regular freeruns with but i was wondering if there was any classes that they could attend too. Cheers for any help contributed.

Posted by: Tracy at March 15, 2006 11:52

i just seen parkour and want to start learning it do you know if there is any groups in gateshead/newcastle area which i can go to

Posted by: anthony at March 16, 2006 21:49

I haven't started practicing Parkour yet, and unfortunately a shoulder injury is preventing me from doing so also. But does anyone know any Gyms around the Philadelphia area that I could practice at when I get back on my feet?

Posted by: Fran at March 19, 2006 07:42

is there any parkour places in the north east, i'm almost 15 and have mastered the basics and feel confident enough to further myself

Posted by: fudge at March 20, 2006 11:05

please can you tell me if theres a parkour beginners club or any parkour club in manchester,
my e-mail is

Cheers man
(12 years old)

p.s. i think your stand against the London night bus was GREAT.

Posted by: Dan at April 7, 2006 18:24

any parkour lessons in Co.londonderry or Co.antrim if so TELL ME!

Posted by: thecrow101 at April 8, 2006 14:26

Hey, I'm looking for parkour training/lessons in London Ontario, if some1 could hook me up that'd be great. Just email me at (I'm 14)

Posted by: Logan at April 16, 2006 01:29

Hey I'm Looking for parker training groups/places in Kansas let me know

Posted by: Tony at April 19, 2006 15:23

Hmm, After reading previous posts on this site, one person has posted a bulliten saying that he has a team called High Vaultage. Im sorry to announce that the team name is already taken. We have been running for around 6 years now as a tricking and freestyle stunt team. Please feel free to email me for any furthur information.

Posted by: Tom Beech at April 21, 2006 22:52

is there any parkour groups near perth or stirling if so please contact me

Posted by: cameron at May 8, 2006 16:53

Looking For Parkour in Perth, Australia!
Then visit

Posted by: Dr Preacox at May 14, 2006 06:00

Is there any Parkour Gyms in Liverpool around Kirby and Seaforth?! because me and my mates dont have any where to practice
If there is then please send me a e-mail saying where my e-mail address is

Posted by: Zaac at May 18, 2006 12:45

dude i live in london ontario to where ar eyou parkour'ing?

Posted by: colin at June 18, 2006 00:26

I am hoping to start parkour i am 16 n the closest city 2 me is manchester so if any1 knows of any places there email me

Posted by: Tim at July 4, 2006 00:49

is there any parkour clubs in newcastle or gateshead as i want to get started

Posted by: daniel at July 4, 2006 14:00

Hey i wanna learn pk whats the best way 2 get started im from the south west of england, any help would b gr8 cheers. Poppz

Posted by: Poppz at July 4, 2006 22:04

parkour is class and i would like to know if there is any where i can go to train for this

Posted by: anth at July 4, 2006 22:59

just seen some parkour on t.v and would like to know if there is any where in gateshead or newcastle i could train

Posted by: Anthony graham at July 4, 2006 23:03

parkour iz da bizz my mate and i wanna do it but cant find any groups doing it in the wirral area and we would consider doing it in Liverpool so if anyone has any info about it any help would be appreciated

Posted by: Sean Olivier at July 6, 2006 15:42

me and my m8 sean want 2 start training but we dont know alot about parkour, we want 2 join a group in the merseyside area, can you help us find one? please contact me on with any info. thanks very much

Posted by: James Williams at July 6, 2006 15:58

does anyone know if there are any freerunning/parkour gyms in huddersfield or groups

Posted by: stephen at July 6, 2006 15:59

is there any parkour or freerunning gyms near durham

Posted by: Jak Burdess at July 17, 2006 09:26

Do you know if there are any parkour gyms in wakefield, leeds or just west-yorkshire in general?

Posted by: Louis at July 18, 2006 17:25

all these gyms are like far, does anyone know if there any parkour gyms in Romford....or maybe central london?

Posted by: Jerome at July 23, 2006 21:00

i have started pk and want somewere and sum1 good to train with who can teach me i live in west yorkshire .... msn adress

Posted by: james at July 24, 2006 11:04

I've just herad about Parkour and would like to learn.
Are there any Places for beginners in the North East? Around Newcastle perhaps?

my msn

Posted by: Becca at July 26, 2006 12:15

Hay any1 do parkour in the isle of man me and my mates do parkour and want to go out for a day with other people!

my msn is

Posted by: Benjamin at July 28, 2006 14:04

dude pk is great...and the best place to do parkour is some of the uni's in's rocks...

Posted by: abi at July 28, 2006 14:44

do u no if theres any people aged 12-13 going round westyorkshire eg bingley?

Posted by: adam at July 31, 2006 09:28

is there any parkour groups in skipton aged 12-14

Posted by: adam at July 31, 2006 09:58

Hello to everyone, I am the fitness and training advisor for CPC and a Pakrour Student (Cymdeithas Pakrour Cymru or Welsh Parkour Society) We cover the whole of wales and if you want to learn the true meaning of parkour then contact me by email and i will hook you up to our forums! Join us for a few sessions and we'll help you out as much as possible or if you have any queries you can post them on our website! Ill give you the address if you contact me by email!


Posted by: Tic-Tac at August 3, 2006 11:29

HI iam jst started parkour do u know any where i can trian in Herefordshire cos iv tried but i cnat find ANYWHERE!! email me if u hav any Ideas! PK ROCKS

Posted by: Stan & tom at August 3, 2006 14:11

Also how can i post video's of my parkour on web sites???? i rely need 2 be able 2 do this! can i use a fone do put them on aswell? if u know contact me on (email) .stan

Posted by: STAN at August 3, 2006 16:03

Does any1 no the nearest parkour traing gyms and other things for parkour around the Huddersfield area/ I wanted to start ages ago but i dont no were i can go plz add me on msn or email me at with any info thankyou

Posted by: Nicky Pike at August 4, 2006 21:09

Anyone into parkour around manchester? i neva see anyone else doing it but me n a cuple of mates! If anyone knows where its all going down, giv uz a nudge! Itd b gud if evryone interested in the manchester area would meet up regulary to practice! Get a bit of a team goin...make sum vids, get em on a website n stuf! Let me kno!

Posted by: willz_. at August 10, 2006 18:53

anyone near st.albans teaching parkour?

Posted by: alex at September 1, 2006 16:34

Hey guys (and gals) does anybody know of any Parkour training classes in manchester!!! If you do can you let me know please!! Thanx =]


Posted by: JIMI at September 10, 2006 10:54

Hey everyone..Im from North East of englnad [Newcastle] And i was wondering does anyone know of any parkour training sites/Gyms where they teach teach this stuff.. if you know email me on will be most greatful if anyone can help..
Many thanks


Posted by: Jack at September 13, 2006 12:59

I've been interested in this for a while. Anyone from Ayrshire area wanting to start a group?
I'm from Galston in Scotland, please give me a shout.


Posted by: Sham at September 30, 2006 20:20

hey are there any groups around california usa in the 559

Posted by: Colten at October 14, 2006 05:21

well for the guys in scotland wanting to do parkour me and a friend have started our own parkour group for the age 13-18 . we are based in the glasgow town if you are interested give me a shout or add me on msn we are both 13 but forteen soon looking for people round about our age --13----18

Posted by: ross -s- at October 14, 2006 09:12

i wana no if anyone in bristol can teach a noob

Posted by: george at October 16, 2006 17:25

does any1 no a parkour group in croydon or surrey if so hook me up plz

Posted by: moey at October 28, 2006 01:59

where is there a parkour/wall running gym in newcastle plz inform thanx

Posted by: adam/daniel at November 2, 2006 21:55

hey does anyone do Parkour/free running in Wells at all...i need to take photos for a college project and would be very grateful if i could take some of a few people doing it.

thanks x

Posted by: Tes at November 7, 2006 19:16

yo i parkour, anyone from kent, medway towns? if anyone wants to add me my msn and email is

Posted by: ShadowOD at November 8, 2006 10:35

i would like to start learning parkour but dont know where i can do it .... i live in leeds can any one help ???
email me if anyone knows where i can learn and train ??? "" - email me !plz

Posted by: chez at November 11, 2006 22:07

Hey does any1 know any Parkour trainging for ppl who have never done it b4 in newcastle or
durham me and me mates wanted try it out email me at


Posted by: Darkkirby56 at November 20, 2006 22:01

yo guys using my dads email do u know f there is free running club in {methley,wakefeild,castleford}

Posted by: james at November 23, 2006 20:16

does anyone know wer i could do parkour training in birmingham uk if u do please let me know by e-mail my e-mail address is

Posted by: cyrus at November 27, 2006 17:37

This site cracks me up. Everyone keeps posting questions about parkour, how to do it, where to do it etc, but from what i see, no ones gettin any answers?? Just more people asking the same thing..Crazy!! Anyway, im living in blackburn at the mo, and would happily meet up with anyone wanting to train/practise. im only a beginner myself, but i think its important to learn with other people so you can swap techniques,ideas etc. anyone interested, email me at Happy to meet up...

Posted by: shady1 at November 28, 2006 16:24

hi does any1 know where i can train parkour in wales,uk ? is there any clubs or anything lyk tha that will help me with parkour ?

please write 2 me on if u can give me any tips or info !
thanks, keira

Posted by: keira at December 3, 2006 21:57

i cant find any parkour clubs near west yorkshire d u know were there is some ???

Posted by: steven at December 6, 2006 17:34

Hi, we are a Parkour group in Huddersfield and are looking for memembers! Please look at our website for infomation. Contact me on! We usually meet at Hudderfield library on saturdays around 10:15 please look at

Posted by: HMB at December 10, 2006 21:52

Guys, im really interested in parkour. if anybody knows of any clubs anywhere near wolverhampton, then please email me at

Posted by: Deep at December 11, 2006 20:29

plz contact me if you know if there is eny parkour lessions in swansea

Posted by: benyboy231 at December 12, 2006 08:05

im 14 and have been doing parkour for bout 10 mouths and dont think i am good and can u tell me a good place to do parkour in southend plz plz if so tell me on

Posted by: kurt at December 12, 2006 12:23

If anyone in the skipton area wants to start up a jam with 3 free runners their verry welcome to come along and bring freinds if anyone is intrested give me a call on 07818277189

Posted by: Paul at December 12, 2006 19:41

plz contact me if theres any lessions in south wales

Posted by: Gavin Owen at December 16, 2006 13:28

Hi my names jack, im 15 and im from surrey, ive been doing pk for about 8 months now and im thinking of starting a club around surrey for other traceurs, so anyone interested, between 11-21 who lives in or around surrey e-mail me, at, to arrange a meeting.

Posted by: Jack Catford at December 18, 2006 12:04

does anyone know anywhere in manchester where i can do parkour???if so e-mail me at

Posted by: mike at December 18, 2006 17:34

im peed off i cant find a gym training for parkour in south east of england

Posted by: Louie at December 18, 2006 19:57

Duz any1 know of any places where you can learn Parkour in London?

If you do email me at

Posted by: Jermaine at January 3, 2007 00:12

ive been looking for some where to learn parkour in south wales do u know of anwhere i can learn and practice please?

Posted by: andrew lewis aka berty at January 27, 2007 20:33

I like to start Parkour, anyone know a group or training ground in SouthEast of England? email Or anyone lives in SouthEast wants to start training but has noone to training with contact me because I'd like to training with someone.

Posted by: Thanh at January 28, 2007 04:35

Hey PK is amazing, is there like a club in bristol to like learn PK? im 13 and really into it e-mail me with any help cheers

Posted by: Neil at February 5, 2007 20:54

Anybody know about any parkour training parks in Birmingham??
if so email
or even just for some helpfull tips for tricks etc

Posted by: jarrad at February 6, 2007 14:43

does ne1 no where dey do training 4 free running in birmingham if so email me please

Posted by: beth at February 9, 2007 16:18

erm im 11 years old and i have never done parkour before and i really really want to learn, so is there any classes or anything around bedfordshire that i could go to..?

Posted by: ellie at February 13, 2007 18:01

Im 12 atm and wonderin if there is any places good or any parkour gyms near birmingham??? Plz email

Posted by: Pez at February 16, 2007 11:43

us there a free running places by newport south wales plz i am pleeding

Posted by: jacob g at February 23, 2007 21:51

I live in birmingham and im looking to start free running / parkour it is sick does anyone know eny places to get started in Brum?

Posted by: Snyda at February 25, 2007 10:10

Im starting a parkour club at my school and i was wondering if anyone had any info on parkour for beginers and things that we can start doing.
I also parkour in Washington DC. Anyone from around that area???

Posted by: DJ at March 1, 2007 16:37

does anyone know if ther are parkour classes in glasgow

Posted by: dylan at March 2, 2007 23:02

hey if anyone knows any training i can do for parkour email me at

Posted by: azzar at March 3, 2007 16:56

hey if anyone knows any training i can do for parkour email me at

Posted by: azzar at March 3, 2007 16:56

the best way 2 train at parkour is 2 go in2 the city ad do parkour coz thn u get 2 no ur surronding landscape gyms cn only take u so far

Posted by: kyle smith at March 10, 2007 13:50

well if anyone wants to jam or train with Team Insanity which is based in the south east (England, Kent) email or add me!

Posted by: ShadowOD at March 13, 2007 18:41

I'm from DC and do "Parkour". I didn't know there was name for it until today. I've done it my whole life and thought I invented it (In my mind I always thought of it as an extreme sport to be held in heavily wooded areas). The ability to know my surroundings and distribute my weight as quickly and quietly as possible has always been my goal. Anyway I know some really good areas in Washington DC, especially around Rock Creek Park, The Palisades neighborhood, and Great Falls. I typically scale trees while I’m at it (I don't know if that's also part of Parkour but it's challenging). And if anyone has the chance, go to Schoodic Point, Maine. That's where I first remember challenging myself at age 8. Fun place. Except if you fall in the wrong place you fall to your death.

Posted by: Phil at March 14, 2007 20:31

i am wondering if there is a free running gym of such kind in britain for me and freinds to go it has inspired me and my freinds to start it i really want to know it looks brilliant.

Posted by: tom at April 8, 2007 22:27

me and my friend are both 12 years old and we both are free runners .... we are the best 12 year olds round our street .... we jump roof 2 roof from about 12 ft long and we make it no problem ..

Posted by: michael holland and anthony dawson at April 10, 2007 21:32

Are there any Parkour gyms in fife
if there is please e-mail me at


Posted by: STUART at April 14, 2007 23:27

does n e 1 know were i can learn parkour in hornchurch or local coz i rele wanna do it. email me plz if u do

Posted by: George at April 17, 2007 18:53

does anyone no were u can learn parkour in the north east of england if so email
me on

Posted by: stewart at April 24, 2007 18:14

im part of an active group of free runners in and around cardiff, anyone wants to join us for a session or wants more info jus drop me a mail

Posted by: mike at April 28, 2007 18:17

i wont to start free running but i dont no haw to start off

Posted by: jake at May 3, 2007 20:27

Does anyone know where i can get into parkour/free-running in Ontario, Canada?

Posted by: Kurtis at May 5, 2007 20:09

parkour is wikid me and mym8 r only 13 bt we think it is class and practise all da time

Posted by: knotty and dale at May 5, 2007 23:29

Does anybody know where a parkour training center or membership place to train up and get good. please contact me

Posted by: Jordan Harris at May 8, 2007 23:50

i have seen alot of parkour/freerunning and me and my mates want to get started ant tips on how to train.

Posted by: jamo at May 9, 2007 21:59

does anyone know if there are any parkour classes in the chorley area (north west)(england)

if so write back or email me -

Posted by: gazza at May 10, 2007 00:34

ive just began to learn parkour and wont to know if there are any parkour classes near dudley any 1 can add me ...

Posted by: chris at May 12, 2007 14:44

hey, my name is joe and im a freerunner from huddersfield
im in a group called nff n liv around the brackenhall/bradley areas (wer not gangsters lol so dnt b scared)
if u ever wana meet up wif us thn add me on msn n we can arrange a jam
see u around

Posted by: joe at May 12, 2007 21:02

if ya in liverpool tell us weres some could parkour spots

Posted by: jason at May 14, 2007 22:52

hi my name is conrad im 16 and live in newcastle i have always had a facination in parkour but i need to find a gym to learn more about this sport as it was is there any parkour gyms in newcastle if there is please email me at

Posted by: conrad lewthwaite at May 16, 2007 19:31

me an my friend live in croydon and want to start up free running but we dont know where we can do this locally. Can you please tell me if there is a place i can learn and possibly in a group?


Posted by: Tom at May 20, 2007 19:22

Hi i am 11 and if there are any sorts of clubs near Hitchin could you email me on

Posted by: Sam Clark at May 25, 2007 21:22

parkour iz de best sport in the world when u do it u c the world diffrently

Posted by: dale winter at May 29, 2007 13:02

iz there any parour groups in newcastle if so were r they coz me n me cuz wanna become betta at the best Sport in the world PARKOUR

Posted by: dale winter at May 29, 2007 13:04

are there any pk parks/gymsin surrey b.c.

Posted by: Ryan at June 6, 2007 01:01

parkour is amazing i would definetly join up u made a club!!!. e-mail me!!

Posted by: nick at June 8, 2007 18:32

I am very much into crossfit and their workouts provide a lot of experience in dealing with form and the positions of how to do proper workouts. What sort of workouts would be able to provide much more experience in dealing with balance that is required within Parkour? For example, doing hand-stands, pull-ups, etc.??

Posted by: Bgresh at June 9, 2007 03:56

hay im jordan and im 15 and lookin for somewhere i can parctice or train my parkour around the south west of engaland like torquay or paignotn thnx loads write back to l8rz

Posted by: jp at June 9, 2007 14:24

man i love parkour trying everything but does anyone now where there is a group in gloucster or not

Posted by: niall at June 10, 2007 16:12

me n my m8z av bn doing parkour 4 a wile naw n we would reckomend it 2 pepz who like adrenoline rushes we go on neyland colledge roofs where thair is plenty of gaps 2 jump n legz 2 cat grab

Posted by: nick at June 13, 2007 13:09

me n my m8z av bn doing parkour 4 a wile naw n we would reckomend it 2 pepz who like adrenoline rushes we go on neyland colledge roofs where thair is plenty of gaps 2 jump n legz 2 cat grab

Posted by: nick at June 13, 2007 13:09

hi im liam im 15 from leeds, ive only just started parkour and i was woundering if there is any one who wants to meet up in leeds and do a bit of freerunning have a laugh and probably fall a couple of times if so then email me on;

the email is shit i know but its not mine its my younger bros but i use it any way btw if you do want to make a meeting time bring some mates and dont be expectin a chav coz im not one but i dont mind them i will bring some mates too and for fuk sake no pervs

Posted by: liam at June 20, 2007 18:24

Im writing to ask if you know of any parkour / free running classes in the west midlands or even better if there are any in wolverhampton. Im not asking for myself its for my younger brother hes called Rob, hes 14 but will be 15 this september.

Hes got really intreasted in parkour.

Can you help me please.

Thank You.

Posted by: abbey at July 1, 2007 20:44

high can anyone tell me if theres a freerunning lesson in huddersfield

Posted by: joel at July 7, 2007 11:43

did anybody find out where we can get involved in free-running in birmingham? please email details if yes.

Posted by: chai_famous at July 10, 2007 16:07

do you know if there are any parkour classes in or around exeter???

Posted by: henry at July 11, 2007 22:28

Hey i am quite new to parkour but i was wondering if there was any pk groups in glasgow email me if you know any.

Posted by: sizzle at July 17, 2007 10:55

hi i just want to know wher ther th nearset freerunnig lessons are so that i can become better if anybody knows could thay tell me thanks i live in stroud, gloustershire

Posted by: keelan at July 23, 2007 15:50

Hi.if any one knows a parkour?free running clubs in or near bristol in south england.please email me the address or phone number! thanks!!!!


Posted by: Charlie luvs parkour at July 24, 2007 18:02

Hi...i'm Charlie or Chaz. If anyone knows somewhere in or near cleavdon or porishead which teaches free running/parkour. Please email me with infomation please!!!!

Thanks!!!! Charlie

Posted by: Charlie at July 28, 2007 20:10

hi i want to know if there is any fr training in huddersfield if so where?

Posted by: joel at August 1, 2007 17:22


Posted by: Ben Freeman at August 2, 2007 19:54

any 1 fanct parkour in tamworth (nea birmingham) let me know

Posted by: Ben Freeman at August 2, 2007 20:17

Parkour is the shit. It's the reason for my birth.

Posted by: charkour at August 21, 2007 19:30

Duz any1 know any parkour gyms in Liverpool? (North Liverpool, not South)

Posted by: Harry Saxon at August 21, 2007 20:37

Hey, i just moved to |London. living in central london. Any clue where I can train parcour? I need basic training in a gymnastics hall..

Posted by: christopher vik at August 28, 2007 22:57

Hey, i just moved to |London. living in central london. Any clue where I can train parcour? I need basic training in a gymnastics hall..

Posted by: christopher vik at August 28, 2007 22:58

i live in the U.S.A dose any one were a gym is? like on the east cost?

email me at

thenks, alex

Posted by: Alex iwanowicz at August 29, 2007 13:49

Parkour rocks you can pretty much go to any gym you want they are all good for training even a pcyc is good. You must try it because IT'S AWESOME.

Posted by: caleb at September 18, 2007 00:52

i like parkour and want to join but i live in scotland glasgow

Posted by: alistair gilies at September 20, 2007 19:36

are there any free running classes in rochester kent my mate is daniel tindal

Posted by: aran sabharwal at October 1, 2007 15:05

i dont now meny places wer to do pk da only place inow is cocket park and dylan thomas roof will some people give me a few places wer 2 do it plzzz :D my msn is add me n then tel me on there or on bebo

Posted by: scott at October 1, 2007 16:50

i really wanna find freerunning training places around wakefield lupset\horury/ossed all those area's im already good at it but i wanna get better :)

Posted by: michael at October 9, 2007 18:00

hey all i have been doin parkour for a year and a half now, i live in newcastle and no a few good spots if anyone is interested or wants to come along for a session sumtime email me on ..laterz

Posted by: daz at October 10, 2007 14:14

any areas near Tamworth or sutton? me and my m8s really wanna start

Posted by: eddy at October 10, 2007 19:18

If anyone knows where a parkour gym is anywhere in north west england get intouch with me

Posted by: Declan at October 24, 2007 14:10

is there a place in grangemouth for doin lessons for Parkour??

Posted by: jayne at October 28, 2007 18:48

there's a gym in benfield,near newcastle- spennymoor,near durham

Posted by: chippy at November 4, 2007 12:29

if u live in the north east and want to do parkour with a few people in a group called NEPK/north east parkour add me on

Posted by: ChippyPK at November 4, 2007 12:32

btw, guys, there are hardly ANY parkour clubs or anythin, main ones are in Big Cities, like London, Paris, Edinbrough
ya gotta find the sites with the basics, like Roll, Cat Leap, Cat Balance, Balance, Turn Vault, Reverse Vault etc.... and practise them on the streets [ YA GOTTA SPOT GOOD PLACES THAT ARE WITHIN TRAVELLING DISTANCE FOR YOU ]
learn from ya own mistake and experiences, its the only way to get the reactions if something goes wrong on an advanced move


Posted by: Dan Fry at November 4, 2007 17:21

I need to find a club in Liviingston/westlothian that does parkour. HELP!!!

Posted by: Gyro at November 6, 2007 13:23

dose anyone kno if they teach parkour/freerunning in philadelphia, PA or allentown, PA???

Posted by: Cristian at November 10, 2007 23:42

Hey, I need to know if there are any parkour training camps or gyms in New York

Posted by: Cody messneger at November 12, 2007 15:38

hi everybody myname is ray i realy want to learn parkour/free running tricks with 5 of my m8s but there is nothing like gyms for us in dover or near there like deal or folkstone there are only lots of chaity shops and stuff like tht we are all 15 years and want to no if aybody knows any places in dover,fplkstone or deal if so speak or e-mail me on

Posted by: ray at November 17, 2007 19:17

Where can I find a parkour trainer or a gym?
Im in south surrey ,BC,Canada

Posted by: Ion Kruger at November 19, 2007 22:29

where can i find a training place near brough place

Posted by: Henry Whitehead at November 30, 2007 18:33

Is there any parkour workshops in the wirral and liverpool area if so send me an email my email is

Posted by: Josh Forrest at December 2, 2007 12:27

is a gym anywhere in birmingham where i can practice parkour

Posted by: monkey boy at December 6, 2007 08:50

i would like to know if ther is any parkour traing facilities in kent??

Posted by: bernard at December 6, 2007 12:21

i want to start free running but my mum wont let me. what do i do?

Posted by: nick chittock at December 21, 2007 16:58

Parkour is mint! but there is nowhere to do it here where i live and i want to join a club, if there are any. And i really want to learn the wall flip coz its wicked!!!!!

Posted by: Alex Garde at January 17, 2008 21:33

am 15 i live in rothwell me and my mate do parkour but theirs no club or gym to join around rothwell and id like to know if we could join.

Posted by: jake taylor at January 21, 2008 14:51

Is there any parkourists in medway if there is email me i'd ,like to train with you or them.

Posted by: Dyno at January 25, 2008 12:26

for anyone wanting to start parkour I have a few words of advice for you. I have been doing parkour for several years now.

for starters learning Parkour in a gym is NOT a good idea, as this will not allow your mind to develop for when u attempt any PK in an outdoor environment.

another thing is, DON'T use gloves. I've seen alot of new people wear gloves to protect their hands, while gloves do protect, they also give you less grip than with bare hands. Not only that, they stop ur hands forming a rough layer of skin that will prevent scratches and blisters from doing things like cat leaps and so on.

third tip: start small. people who go out first time and try the huge jumps and stuff tend not to last long and get injured very quickly.

fourth: no matter what people tell you, flips are NOT parkour!! parkour is all about getting from one place to another in the most efficient way possible, flips aren't efficient.

number 5: boy I have a lot of tips on this. always look for new ways to move. there may be some fundamentals that you will need to learn, but don't be afraid to expand. if u find a better way to pass on obstacle then use that way.

finally: it's never a good idea to train alone, u should always have at least 3 people training, this is simply for safety reasons but can also cause you to push each other harder to become better

I hope that this helps :)

Posted by: Cal at January 29, 2008 00:38

where can I find parkour traaining classes near yoker in glasgow scotland?

Posted by: ben at February 12, 2008 17:40


Posted by: LIAM OWENS at February 13, 2008 19:10

If anyones from kent and wants to be in a team,
i have a team called 'Street Perfection' who are sponsered by diadora if anyone would like to partake. We are based in Folkestone kent and are looking for new training members. So if anyone has myspace add us at thanks

Posted by: olie [sp] at February 27, 2008 18:23

is there parkour clubs in and around bristol?


Posted by: Haydon at March 3, 2008 19:38

dudes likes the parkour a, me's team would's like to's see you lot's they like teaching it but they no near good as me's, me's parkour team called's the street eagles, you lots can call me tec-no or high flyer they wat team calls me, me msn is....

Posted by: driftracer11 at March 12, 2008 19:41


I was wondering if anyone new of free running classes in the north west? Preferably around the wirral/liverpool? My 11 year old step brother has recently made friends with advanced free runners and his mum doesn't want him to hurt himself by trying to keep up with his friends when he doesn't know the drills.


Posted by: Steph at March 21, 2008 16:15

Hey I'm Mike or Koszla (Pronounced Coz-La) by my friends, I'm 15 nearly 16 and i'd realy like to start Parkour me and a couple of friends are eager but its hard to find anywhere to even find the basics around our area , we'd really apritiate if some could give me any infomation on any beginner classes around Manchester, thanks. Please email all info to thanks agen.

Posted by: Mike at March 31, 2008 23:04

Where can I find a parkour trainer or a gym in bristol, bedminster down

Posted by: Craig McNeill at April 1, 2008 23:14

I'm looking to interview a veteran of parkour/freerunning. I'm doing an article and I'd love to ask more in depth questions about the philosophical component/what it means for you/how does it translate into other areas of life

Please Help!!
Contact me at:
AIM: thephalanxx

Posted by: AJ at April 4, 2008 16:59

can you tell me if there is any free running training/parkour training in birmingham if so could you please tell me where becouse me and a thew of friends think this is a great sport and want to get started.

Posted by: tony at April 24, 2008 19:16

If u live London Ontario and wanna try learn free running with me, im 16 add me on msn or email me

Posted by: Jay at April 25, 2008 01:04

me and my friends soooooo badly would like a pk/free running gym in the essex area any1 no of any place if so plz tell me the url


Posted by: hallam at May 10, 2008 20:39

Hey does anyone know any training groups, clubs, or gyms around Bristol, that do parkour/free running training and practice...
It's just i enjoy it so much but find it hard to take risks on hard surfaces without any practice or training.
Could anyone e-mail me with any info about Bristol clubs... Thanks

Posted by: Tom at May 15, 2008 09:15

parkour is brilliant and if any idiot dosent no were to do it dont bother wastin time on clubs just go to ur local park or a trampoline or even festival place and start doin but watch a few you tube videos o get some moves down.

Posted by: alex at May 24, 2008 16:59

this is so funny u dont need a club all u need is a frend a p-lace stron enough to climb over and a few tipswich you can get off you tube parkour clubs are a wast me and my m8 elliot dfo parkour together and dont go to a club and not to sound aragant but were pretty good.agen wat u need is eithr a trampoline a park a beech a rocky fores but my personel favuroite an industrial errior just sety up a groupm of frends and all u need to do is let the world be your playground

Posted by: alex at May 24, 2008 17:06

im realy into parkour but me a my m8s realy want to find a pk gym were we can practice. is there any in the wigan area

Posted by: danny at May 24, 2008 22:56

hi i have everything u need to no im eleven years old but im a pro(aragant i no) and dont ned a club to do moves or bakflips but wat u do need is belief a few tech pointers a place to go and some m8s

Posted by: pk god at May 27, 2008 18:49

Hi, I am a PE teacher in Huddersfield and would like to get in touch with kids who do parkour - are there any clubs around?

Posted by: mandy at June 5, 2008 12:01

I come from a deprived area on the Wirral in Merseyside. We desperatly need something like this on our estate. It will reduce the crime rate in our area keep kids of streets how can I find out more info. Thanks.

Posted by: Donna at July 11, 2008 16:57

where can i participate in parkour classes in the west midlands? thanx for your time

Posted by: samreen at July 12, 2008 18:11


Posted by: adam at July 19, 2008 14:02

im josh and in scared that im gonna step on a nail and that im gonna hurt myself while doing parkour what should i do?

Posted by: josh at January 9, 2009 03:13

Josh... 1 ov da main things u hav 2 get in parkour or free running, is confidence...
Without it there's no point in trying reli...
Try it, u wont step on a nail if ur sure u wont :D

Posted by: Courtz at January 28, 2009 22:04

im from huddersfield and have been training parkour for two years and tricking for 1 year. Im from Apae formerly HMB. Anyone want to know anything just check our site and forum and everything you need to know is there. Alternatively e-mail me nickpike93(at)

Posted by: nickpike at January 29, 2009 21:41

i am looking for a parkour clup around chelmsford essex england... anyone no any clubs in my area?

Posted by: Matt at March 4, 2009 12:09

does any one know about any parkour spots in the uxbridge area

Posted by: scott at March 20, 2009 11:59

hey people i whant to know were a parkour school is in wales please?
thank you

Posted by: harley at March 31, 2009 15:13

I have been looking for a parkour group in brisbane, Australia for ages, can you tell me where one is?

Posted by: Domonik at April 8, 2009 22:38

i want to know where i could find a club so i can train for free running/parkour.i am passionated by that sport and i really wanna learn how to do stuff like that.

Posted by: remy at April 13, 2009 17:36

There Ya Go Its For The Peeps In MANNCHESTER!!! Come Along Its Gonna Be Great.

Im Joinin Soon. Cya There.

Posted by: Aidan at April 15, 2009 23:27

i would like to find a gym were i can do some parkour and meet new people who do it as me and my friend are the only ones who do it were i live i live in buxton derbyshire

Posted by: jay at May 1, 2009 13:20

where can i find the nearest free running/parkour centre to Newport South Wales

Posted by: charlie at May 10, 2009 21:29

I just go to random parks, pick a place to run to (past obstacles) and get there anyway possible.

Posted by: Not needed at May 14, 2009 18:16


Posted by: aaron at May 28, 2009 11:30

yer i would like to join a parkour gym is there any near southampton

Posted by: sam burrow at May 28, 2009 20:01

i would like to join a gym in southampton so if you know any please let me know my email is :

Posted by: sam burrow at May 28, 2009 20:04

Freerunning classes at the Campus worle weston -s- mare.
tues 7.45 - 8.30 beginners
8.30 - 9.15 invite only
cost £2.50 to book tel 07900856129

qualified gymnastics coach, air track, vaults, crash mats, trampetes ect.

age 10+

Posted by: Sharon at June 1, 2009 17:57

are there any parkour groups in newcastle new south wales in Australia

Posted by: will at June 10, 2009 11:08

Special Shirt printing prices for Parkour participants, submit your artwork to us and we give you a cracking deal for printing and shirts.

Just quote: PARKOUR in your email.

Cheers Guys & Girls

DunTees Shirts.

Posted by: Mark at August 2, 2009 16:56

hi im 13 years old and i got into freerunning a couple of months back and i just want to know are there any free running clubs in manchester if there is please email me on

Posted by: James at August 15, 2009 20:24

hi,i was just wondering if there were any parkour/free running classes in tamworth staffs if so please contact me.


Posted by: jake at September 20, 2009 21:24

Hey guys. Are there any Clubs in London, Ontario?
I just moved here and I have be wanting to try Prakour for a fari while. I am new at it though. Is there a club at the University of Western Ontario??


Posted by: Alex at September 28, 2009 20:07

Hi Everyone

Im a complete beginner who really wants to get into parkour/freerunning does any one know any classes in South London I could join if so please contact me on

Posted by: andre mcd at October 18, 2009 02:35

there are pleanty of training spots in the uk such as lasswade sport center and there is also places up town like bristo square or the parliment keep your eyes on the look out

Posted by: josh russell at November 8, 2009 13:43

does any one know if there is any indoor free running/parkour classes in liverpool. i am 13 and i am willing to pay for lessons depending on how much they would cost.

Posted by: will harrison at January 10, 2010 13:11

I was wondering if any place in surrey does packour? what should i do in preperation for parkour lessons? Should i work out?

Posted by: Candace at January 29, 2010 02:48

is there any gyms that teaches free running in Birmingham

Posted by: Ash at February 23, 2010 16:45

i have not long just turned 18 watching free runners and films with trickers in it and i proper want to get in2 it now but none of my mats are interested if anyone in medway rochester wants to train with me or teach me contact me

Posted by: ash turner at March 25, 2010 23:53

[] []

Posted by: daniel babb at April 5, 2010 13:03

hey guys, i have just started to get into parkour and can do the basic rolls, flips and vaults. The only problem is i need some places to practice these skills in Birmingham/West Bromwich areas. If anyone knows any good training areas or any gyms in these areas please e-mail me at
Thanks Derry

Posted by: Derry at April 7, 2010 00:00

I am looking for people that have the brain crazy enough to join me in parkour. I have been looking for groups and through friends but have failed in finding anyone. i am also doing this to put up a video of us in parkour. anyone on the streets of birmingham, great barr area please email me at anyone that joins will be welcomed into the name of parkour and we shall get far in succesfully creating a video of our talents. Thanks

Posted by: zak at May 22, 2010 19:41

is there a age limit for parkour/freerunning and were in edinburgh /livingston is there were i could train to do it ??

Posted by: scotty at June 26, 2010 17:44

Lol,your all fat bastards who think they can get good at Parkour,I,myself have trained with David Belle now go and eat you Mc'Donalds you fat twat.

Posted by: LOL,YOU ALL SUCK at July 7, 2010 19:28

does any one know where i can find a parkour club in newcastle

Posted by: nathan davidson at July 21, 2010 21:19

i would like to join a gym or a club or group near watford in hertforshire. northwood actually. if annyone knows about anythin, email at "" cheers

Posted by: dude at July 30, 2010 17:44

is there any free running schools in north wales ?

Posted by: scott at August 26, 2010 13:30

is there any free-running/parkour schools or groups in north wales

Posted by: scott at August 26, 2010 13:32

i love parcore and i rely want to fined a parcore school or club and gim were i can pracktis on the isle of wight i love parcore

Posted by: oscar cordon at September 6, 2010 12:56

Does anyone know where any parkour classes are in manchester ?

Posted by: Ryan at September 26, 2010 14:40

does anyone know of any freerunning clubs in london for 11 year olds

Posted by: med at September 27, 2010 08:51


does anyone know if there's a under 15s parkour-freerunning group in edinburhg if anyone knows email me

Posted by: shauun at October 8, 2010 12:09

OK, I'm thinking of setting up an international Parkour Association that allows trainers from all over to join clubs and teach/train at certain locations... Gonna need volunteers to teach, suggested locations and branch managers... anyone interested?

What?... Someone needs to do it.

Posted by: Zer0 at May 6, 2011 23:07

is there any clubs in falkirk or any where near falkirk? if so e_mail me at please do so if u do

Posted by: liam at December 14, 2011 20:54
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