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June 25, 2004

Synchronous Orbital

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For fresh & exciting reasons each time, I've managed to consistently miss Orbital live since first seeing them at the 2nd UK Tribal Gathering with Jez in '95. Which is a damn shame since their stage shows in particular the lights are incredible, more rock concert than dance/trance gig.

Well, anyway, on the Tube back from LHR a guest ticket fell into my grateful lap thanks to Sam & Tessa (poor Tessa's kidney is temporarily sick). It was Orbital's final ever gig after 15years of performing. Wow. It was great, and especially to reconnect with Sam who's doing all sorts of insane programmer things with phones. Going out dancing with similarly-energetic people really is a treat.

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Oh yeah, I remember that one. Skating through that ludicrous traffic jam, the Progidy set being cut short, and Orbital playing Belinda Carlisle.

Oh yeah.

Posted by: Jez at June 25, 2004 06:49

Yeah, that Tribal Gathering rocked! That was a great, great adventure. Driving back to Cambridge at dawn, partied way the f**k out, was magical too.

Posted by: Paul M at June 28, 2004 00:30
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