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June 4, 2004

Bad Joke Bar Party - aftermath

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Wow, that absolutely rocked. It's been fun chatting with all folks who live & stayed over here, getting calls & texts with all the funny stories (some of which are best kept ... mmm, yes).

Highlights for me:

  • At least 25 people showing up despite for most hapless recipients less than 24h notice (sorry, I promise not to do this again), us being in Zone 3, and it being a school night. I'm very excited about this as a well-pimped Saturday night event promises utter carnage.
  • Everything just working - effortlessly set-up by everyone involved (Courtney, Chris, Nik, Suraya, Susan, Mat, Ewan, ...?)
  • Bad Joke theme was truly excellent (nice one, Chris!) and got a lot of people talking while providing this substrate of outright silliness. Thanks to Ewan (link?) who printed a load and Nik who sliced & diced them into handy tickers of piss-poor humour.
  • Half a bottle of tequila was consumed. The tequila however paled besides Bernard's medicine bottle of 90% Norwegian hooch. Oh my.
  • BBQ chicken that didn't kill anyone, again.
  • A five minute bout of spontaneous wrestling between Will and Courtney.
  • Random bonfire outside after I discovered tequila (ingested), white spirit (splashed), and WD40 (sprayed). Really, I can't imagine much to beat a can of aerosol light lubricant for spontaneous drunken flamethrower antics
  • Susan (link?) was desperately cute as a little black angel, and Suraya's sailor outfit was just great.
  • Caveman. You had to be there.

  • Discovering a friend from a while back lives just up the road, meeting new friends from online, new neighbour-friends, and some friends I haven't seen for over two years.

  • A solid drinks leftover to fuel the next one :-)

Fab! Pix up as soon as... If you've got any ones you like do send 'em over.

Look forward to the next one!

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I find this font really hard to read; I think it's the serifs. What about something like Tahoma or Lucida sans unicode or a try thereof anyway? The rest is very interesting!


Posted by: Eira at June 16, 2004 22:30

Thanks! I've bumped up most of the font sizes one notch.

Posted by: Paul Makepeace at June 17, 2004 20:32

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