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How To!

How to get and stay motivated, a brain-dump of my thoughts and experiences keeping a consistent and productive gym routine going.

If you've recently entered the US and want to have access to credit (e.g. buy a house) you'll need to build your credit score.

I've started a log of all those written mistakes I keep seeing, so here is how to get a gold star at grammar and spelling!

I had to verify a NI number, and learnt how to make enquiries about UK National Insurance numbers, and registering as self-employed in the UK.

A illustrated guide to changing the sprocket on a fixed gear bike.

After scrabbling around for venues, being enormously helped by my friends, and taking notes I wrote up how to find a venue in London.

Seems like so many people don't know how to write a phone number accurately. No, really. Here's how to write a phone number.

A blog entry, but nutritious and tasty nonetheless: How to make bread. Anything I can do to disappear the notion that baking your own bread is anything other than dead simple!

I used to have black kettlebells but became fed up with not being able to figure out what mass they were (they're all the same size). So here is how to paint your kettlebells!

As a cyclist, being able to do a trackstand is pretty handy. Or even, no-handed!

I figured out a neat way to create your own sheet music for free.