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Finding a venue in London

Here are some notes from my experiences finding venues in London for various events from parties to presentations to practice groups. It's not intended to be any kind of comprehensive venue-finding solution; for that you should talk to a professional, some of whom I've listed below. I hope it may just help out and give you some ideas.

Types of venues

With any venue, the question to ask yourself is "how are these people going to make money?" Keeping this question in your mind will help you select a venue and understand the venue operator. Also consider what times or day and the week people spend money on drinks. Monday nights say or any other "school night" bar spend is much lower. On the flipside, having some paying public in the joint is attractive to owners rather than tumble-weed blowing through... Usually income is from drinks sales, and sometimes food. For hotel conference rooms: coffee & biscuits, flipcharts, projectors, etc.


For "functions" these are a good choice as typically they're quite cheap, and often under-utilized so sometimes even free. Food often and drinks always are available, and ensuring that your group buys lunch and beer can be a point towards lower costs.


For parties generally. Many places will have smaller presentation rooms too which can be locked or closed off from the public. Often unless you can guarantee a certain bar tab or group of people you might have to share with the public.

As you wander around town keep a note of places and just go in and ask if they would reserve a spot for a party or whatever you're after. Your initiative could be rewarded with a great night out!


Hotels are generally quite expensive, between one and three hundred pounds a day. They're good if you want to impress your audience and have cash to spare. For example,


You could even try a local church.


This thread on ecademy had some more suggestions specifically for low volume central London venues.


This page has come out entirely from the suggestions, efforts, and knowledge of a whole bunch of folks. Many thanks to them all! Nick Saalfeld, Hetty Browne, Michal Kahn, Elizabeth Varley, Jan Robertson (Party Experts), Sam Fyson, Helen Keegan, Tony Brennand, James Haddocks, Magnus Huckvale.

Any suggestions or ideas gratefully received: drop me a line.