Paul Makepeace ;-)

Santa Ali G goes to Santacon 2003

Santa Ali G In Da Toyshop
Santa Ali G, just two minutes old.
Suit by Woolworths. Accessories by Wood 'N Things.
Totally blingin' flashing gold lamé hat sourced by Eva.

Santacon UK 2003

12:30, December 13th, 2003. Santacon UK is about to happen....

After travelling in full Santa garb from Leytonstone to E1, getting lost in Bishopsgate for 15mins, accosting a hotel clerk for directions, offering sweets to random builders, and creating an impromptu Ali G persona in a toy shop, the freshly minted Santa Ali G finally grabs the Circle Line from Liverpool St to Blackfriars, then...

...the story continues over the bridge to the Founders Arms:

Please note: Santacon is a decidedly adult event, and this report has some occasionally rude, and quite frankly puerile and immature material. If that's your bag, enjoy ;-)

If you see a photo of yourself here and would rather not associate with such reprobates, lemme know and I'll remove it ASAP.

And finally...

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