Paul Makepeace ;-)

Moroccan Christmas Party

(Original invite and RSVP'ed folks.)

December 18th, 2003 - we had about 30 folks show up at Yima's. Mariann: 'I don't think I've been in a cuter place ever!' Quite a variety of different groups, even one from San Francisco that very day, got to meet each other. A night of coincidences too: Liz knowing two people there quite independently and me being friends with one of the guest's landlord in San Francisco(!)

Unfortunately I pretty much forgot the camera 'til after midnight so missed a bunch of folks. Still, Eva and the Pink Girls had got everyone dancing by then...

As Stu said 'one minute it was a nice respectable mellow evening ...'. Great vibe; lots of, er, love... Just how we like it ;-)

See you next time!

Dance Posse
Dance Posse
(These girls in white Ts showed up, friends & relatives of the owner!)


Paul Eva Boogie

Shuey Girl


Mariann Patricia

The Pink Girls
These girls showed up, friends & relatives of the owner. Nice.

Shuey Paul Pink Girls
© Eva

Paul Mobbed

Tim Paul

Girl Paul


All Pink Girls

Tom Tim Patricia Chatting

Tom Tim Patricia

Dj Mike

Girl With Phone



Paul And Wine

Tom Patricia

Stu Mel Eyeing

Stu Mel Holding

Stu Mel Up Close

Stu Mel Ah Yeah
It must be love ;-)

Thanks to © Mariann 2003 for almost all these pics!

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