Paul Makepeace ;-)

Time:Thursday 18th December 2003, 7pm 'til 3am
Place:Yima Restaurant and Café (no arranged seating; it's a party)
Address:95 Parkway, London, NW1 7PP map
Capacity:80 or so
Vibe:Mellow, DJs, indoors, outdoors, chat, mingle
Dress:anything you like! I recommend dressing up at least a bit, but that's just me...
RSVP:yes, required.

About four minutes work from Camden Town tube station, this deliciously plush café has full-on Moroccan decor: sumptuous couches, hookahs, relaxed lighting, and a large gas-heated outdoor area covered with an enormous Moroccan tent. I found this place by accident and booked it on the spot - it is that nice. Great place to hang out and meet new folks. And maybe some mistle-toe action...

As well as drinks 'til the wee winter hours they serve a buffet for I think about £10. Please say whether you'd like a meal in your RSVP. Thanks!

Who's coming so far?

Yes, I'm coming! (If you use this link you must fill in your name & email else there's no way I know who you are!)