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Bookmark this page to get updates on where to mail stuff, find my house (follow the link on the address), IM, or how to get in touch via phone. All are direct numbers. Er, to my PA. Yeah, that's it, direct numbers to my PA.


As ever, I'm best reached by email and I check it regularly: paulm(at) Alternatively, you can send me some email through this online form.


You can find me there.


Email me for my phone number.

+44 7968 594112 (cell) disconnected, +44 7814 728381 (cell) disconnected, +1 831 238 0902 (cell) disconnected

Instant message

Skype on and off with paulmakepeace and MSN, if I have to...


Dublin, Ireland mostly; London and Bristol the rest of the time.


I'm in:
2009/04: Dublin, Ireland

SSH keys

<geek>If you're adding my SSH identity to authorized_keys or authorized_keys2 here are my and </geek>.