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I got the coolest present for Christmas 2001: a Casio Wrist Camera. It takes dinky color photographs with a dinky CCD built into the body of the watch. Hello, Dick Tracy.

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Click any of the above to enlarge. The second pick shows the actual camera on the left part of the black fascia. The IR (infra-red) sensor/transmitter that sends and receives pics to/from a PC or other watch is just to its left. [details from Casio]

Some pics

Central Ave Me Central Ave
Central Ave, PG, North Me, pondering an office light Central Ave, PG, South

Not bad for a 28,000 pixel CCD! Most digital cameras these days don't have fewer than a million (1,000,000) pixels. The camera can allegedly hold up to eighty shots and they take up between 4 and 8K each (Web-ready! :-). The especially nice usability feature of the camera is it's quick & easy to take pics: the big silver button gets you into snap mode and after about three seconds adjusting its exposure it's ready to go. No faffing with lens extending, Flash cards or pulling the thing out of a carry-case. Super discreet, heh. This should be fun -- watch this space...

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