Paul Makepeace ;-)


Hello! I am Paul Makepeace. Yes, it's my real name. (If you're also a Makepeace, check out the Makepeace Family page and add yourself to the tribe!)


Right now I live in Bristol and London in the UK having just got back from Monterey, California which is about 120miles south of San Francisco. Going back in time: Houston, Texas for my first job in the USA; before that London, England contracting web stuff; King's College, Cambridge University; Bristol for most of my life; finally Johannesburg, South Africa as a little boy.


I'm an Aries, Wood Tiger, 1.80m (5'11"), 75kg (165lb; 11st11), and could competitively eat Pad Thai. Scarily, I dropped at least 15lbs after being back in the UK for six months recently - stopping weight training and taking cycling up instead. Back in the gym now though!

Lucky boy!

Talking of astrology, check my Chinese Luck Level prediction. Wow! Apart from a dodgy 50s and 60s my entire life luck seems to be pegged at "11". The last couple of decades certainly seem to have borne that out...


If you like, you can search for my name on the web. There is more than one of us: I'm the skating, unicycling, juggling, rowing (Cambridge, UK), Perl programming, (e.g. the archives), mail server tweaking, LDAP deploying, mountain bike & motorbike riding one. I can normally be reached using ICQ using UIN 1458104. Except recently my database crashed (again) and I can't find it in my weary soul to fix it (again).


There is a projects and a toys section. If you are a fantastic graphic designer and would like to start a team definitely check these out!

My various inboxes are a swirling vortex of interesting (and occasionally not so interesting) URLs friends and other folks on lists have ferreted out. In an attempt to create a collection of the ones I may conceivably want to check out again I have created a mailing list Surfside. Who knows, someone besides me might actually subscribe to this!

Also hosted here (same server, different domain) is the Politically Incorrect Mailing List.

Yup! If you did that web search for my name you've probably guessed by now that amongst other things I'm a programmer. If you are too, or just might like to be involved with making a site designed specifically for developers with some potentially effective and innovative learning aids, have a look at Real Programmers.


I own lots of personal domains and host several others. Rather than psycho-analyzing why ("Ja ja, tell me about your mother..."), I'll just tell you what some of them're for: Paul Makepeace .com will furnish you with a reasonably up-to-date résumé a.k.a. CV in HTML, plain text, and PDF formats (No MS Word! I don't have a license!). Paul Makepeace .org just points back here for now and Paul Makepeace .net is a (temporarily offline) secure web-based email server à la And it's all mine, I tell you, all mine! Muhahaha!

I have another couple of homepages on business networking sites: Paul Makepeace on Ryze and Paul Makepeace on Ecademy. Unfortunately I find it hard to keep myself serious for very long so these pages are a bit on the silly side. At least I'm in good company in that respect on Ryze :-) My online name is Tantrix.

I have a lovely and wonderful family. So lovely and wonderful they have their own places on the web, for example the nascent Makepeace Family Wiki, my brother Nik Makepeace (résumé; phear his skillz), Dad Chris Makepeace, and Mum Eira Makepeace.


I'm a four-times attendee of Burning Man (a.k.a. Black Rock Arts Festival) mostly with the Spiral Oasis group. Here's a mini-site of a few pics I took in 1998: Paul M.'s BM pix. You never know, in two years time I might put up this year's pics :-)

Update, late 2001: Er, apparently not!

Meeja Stud-eez

My email address is (sing along with me!) paulm(at) When you click on it I'm afraid you'll need to edit out the anti-spam trap.

No, more!

OK, I have a infrequently updated log and FAQ, Fraternally Adapted Quivers.

Oh, sorry, you said "No more!". My bad.