Paul Makepeace ;-)


This is all about my own entirely self-created projects, not the stuff I'm specifically paid to do (more traditionally called "work" which you can read about in my résumé). By "create" I really mean "have thought up but not actually done anything about". Some people call this "wide-eyed optimism". Other people call it "hot air".

The downside to this "work" business is that I spent my time at the beck and call of other people rather than busily executing these. (The upside of course is I have a steady stream of cash to eat, be sheltered, ride fast motorcycles, etc) Still, they have occupied quite a lot of my background thought and in some cases I've written code, figured out viable-sounding business plans, and generally experimented & tinkered.

The companion page is for this has some toys.

"Proper" projects

Stuff I have done

Stuff in the pipeline

The sites that aren't linked basically have nothing useful on them besides a content-free holding page.

Less "Proper"/silly/fun projects

This has its own toys section! You'll notice on this page I have actually produced stuff. It's dumb but it's something :-)