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Skating in London

Need skate tuition, lessons, & instruction? I'm a Level 1 Inline Skate Instructor certified by the International Inline Skate Association (IISA) and am available to teach lessons in London! Call 07968594112 or email at the address below.

Fun skating stuff in London

Two evening events are a must in London: the Wednesday Night Skate (WNS) and the smaller, newer Friday Night Skate (FNS). Anything up to a thousand skaters have attended the WNS. It's a fantastic event: big sound system, whistles, crazy outfits, rush of the crowd, meeting new folk, being gaped at by thousands of Londoners & tourists, temporarily halting traffic, expertly marshalling (often with police help), and above all an amazing vibe.


Typical skate is a little over 10miles in hour and a half, which isn't as demanding as it sounds. Definitely bring or share water though. Both end up back at their start points, sometimes via or followed by drinks at the Vic pub near Lancaster Gate tube.

The WNS is a big 10 or so mile loop ending up where it starts on the West end of Serpentine Road. Many folks then wander to the Vic pub.

The FNS is split into three levels, the first of which is a loop that ends up back at Hyde Park and is quite short, slow & gentle. The transition between the second and third happens at a rest stop (e.g. supermarket). Here's the next route.

Free lessons

Those not ready for the skate, e.g. beginners learning to stop properly, can get free(!) lessons during the WNS by the fine folk at SkateFresh. Just show up at the WNS starting point by the advertised start time (8pm in the Summer) and off you go!

LH image, Hyde Park 2005, © Eva. RH image from the Halloween Friday Night Skate 2003 © Andreas Kolattek