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Hunt the 10p - the evidence

August 8, 2003

10p Here is the 10p, moments after a good squishing.

To ensure it wasn't too easy to remove I used yet another coin and my poor fingers to ride up the paint against the coin's edge. If you look closely you can see marks where I was doing that.

August 16, 2003

On the way back from my first Landmark SELP day I discover... it's still there! Astonishing. I mean, people are hard up in this city. Turns out, those yellow line painters do a thorough job and they'd come back to patch the gap. In so doing, they'd also covered the coin.

Whipping out my keys (and the camera again – this time in broad daylight), I scratched through to reveal it:
10p hidden 10p

So, where is it?

If it hasn't been prized out, it's at the corner of Guilford Street and Lansdowne Terrace in WC1N behind Great Ormond St Hospital. That URL links to a map with an arrow's whose coordinates I have manually tweaked to exactly where the coin is. If you see it, lemme know. If you produce a picture of it, I'll treat you to something worthwhile :-)