Paul Makepeace ;-)

Paul's 1995 ZX6-E Ninja ("Jessie")

For Sale!

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Update Feb 2002: This bike is now SOLD. Jessie is for sale, in preparation for my departure from California. She has 18,000 miles on her and is a 1995 model. I am the second owner, have had the bike since Sept 1999, and ridden the last 11,000 miles or so. Documented oil changes every 2,500 to 3,000 miles & service history.

New stuff

The "big" differences are: Apart from that the bike is completely stock. No track time (unfortunately :-)). Tires are a little over halfway through their life right now.

The bike has had no accidents, and the only drops have been from stand-still. The most recent was this January and someone else's insurance is taking care of a new dash case, windshield, stator cover, mirror and netting hook replaced (this sounds bad, it isn't, it's just when a bike falls over lots of little things get scratched or damaged). There is some abrasion on one fairing from some lame vandal pushing it over last year but it's certainly not deep and is probably easily repaired. (Pics online ASAP.)

How does it ride?

The ZX6-E was the ZX6-R predecessor so is without doubt a sports bike. It is also typically smooth like Japanese four stroke fours, and the ZX6-E has a particularly linear powerband. It's easy to ride, shifts smoothly, zips through traffic and can hold its own quite easily against stock modern bikes. My only niggle is first gear is a bit on the low side, but this is really just a personal preference.


The bike is technically a ZX600-E3L. Kawasaki made a model a minute during that period, and this is useful to know when ordering parts.


I paid $5,400 in Houston in 1999, and am asking $3,500. If you're seriously interested I can email you its VIN to run a check.


These were taken in Houston in Sept '99 when I bought it. I don't have any more up to date pics except this one from an October 2001 ride to Ft. Bragg and this one (which isn't my bike but looks very like it) at Second Look.



front right

Pet Lizard

pet lizard

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:24:57 -0700
Subject: Re: please bring more reptiles

Trippy experience this morning on the way to work.. cruising through freeway traffic and looked down to check my speed and wham! there's this f'cking great 8" lizard hanging on for dear life on my clocks. It was foggy & cold so I guess the poor thing couldn't move too fast but somehow managed to hang on. My heart missed a beat.

I had visions of riding some big ol' chromed-up ape-hangin' chop going BA DA BA DA BA DA through Arizona listening to Twisted Sister's "Ride To Live" with my pet lizard snoozing on the dash. Then my idle reverie was interrupted as I realized I was nearly riding into the back of some shitty minivan with 2.4 kids & a mortgage in surburban Carmel.