Paul Makepeace ;-)


Kettlebells are a crazy strength-endurance training tool that look a lot like a cannonball with a thick handle:

a kettlebell
A kettlebell

I am a huge fan of kettlebells and have been training with them on and off since August 2004, and more intensely since the start of 2005. Combined with very beginner-level gymnastics they have replaced and, I feel, improved on what I wanted from five years going to a gym: specifically functionally strength, ballistic strength, and an tastefully ornamental physique :-). I used to really enjoy the gym--I'm definitely not one of those that think it's boring. That said, there is something fun about kettlebells that wins out for me. If training is fun it's easy to maintain it month after month.

I'll fill this section out at some point, but there's quite a bit in my sport section of my journal. And quite a bit of silliness...