July 1, 2007


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A little while back I impulse bought a landboard and little beginner (1.4m2) kite. Took it out to Sandymount beach with almost no wind and kind of flew it; had a hard time. Then last week there were more winds and up it went, woohoo! it wasn't enough to drag my ass around the beach (that came later) but enough to get the hang of which line to pull and figure-of-eight it through the power zone.

As Fortune would have it, also out kiting was Ben who very kindly let me have a crack at Samurai 5m2 monster. Here's a few pics, including it dragging me around,

Ben Showing Paul To KitePaul Flying Bens KitePaul Being DraggedPaul Flying Bens Kite TurnBen Showing Paul To Kite High

(Yes, Jez, I should've looked into this when you first mentioned it a decade or so ago :-))

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