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Mobile Clubbing NYC

Venue: Grand Central Station, NYC (center of the main concourse)
Date: Wednesday 23rd June 6.18pm
Dress: dance & club! (optional)
Tunes: bring your own personal stereo

Event happened, it rocked! Read about it.

Following words from the MC crew...

What is Mobile Clubbing?

Turn up at destination equipped with personal stereo and favorite dancing tunes & even dancing threads. At specified time it's your chance to get rid of the stresses of the day and throw some shapes. Even if it's a just nod of the head or tap of ya feet, avoid the trauma of rush hour home, and let loose on the street!

You'll sure make a miserable commuter smile or even inspire them to join in, so try and keep yourself to yourself by dancing alone appearing as just a someone who fancied a dance on their way home.

It's the best club in town, it plays your favorite tunes, and it's free!

Mobile Clubbing has been brightening up the face London Rush hour since September 03, check the this link for UK press coverage:

Scan of the full page write-up in The Independent (national UK newspaper)

Photos from last event

Check 'em out!

We're looking forward to the MC vibe hitting NYC!

Basic instructions can be found on

Any other questions regarding the motivations and orgins of Mobile Clubbing in the U.K can be sent to Ben and Emma at Frizzy_m at

So until then spread the word, the moves and above all keep on rockin in the free world!x!

I'll be contactable for the event on +1 917 626 9262 (cell)