Paul Makepeace ;-)

Tate Modern Gallery

Santas Descend Into Tate We can see myriad Santas descending the entrance of the entrancing stunning smoke-filled "Weather Project" exhibit. The poor security guards stand no chance.

Sunset Sunset? Tate Modern Hump And What is this trio on the right doing?! Good to see Santa getting the hump already...

Santa Reflections
Santa, watching Santa.

The exhibit has an enormous mirror on the roof - this is looking directly up; most of those are writhing squirming Santas. It's OK, everyone writhes and squirms. When you can see your own reflection seemingly half a mile above you, the only logical thing to do is to writhe and squirm.

On the way out a spontaneous conga line forms, our hearts bleeding for one of the guards frantically clicking on his attendance counter. Good luck mate!

Ah, all this Santa-ing's thirsty work. Time for a stop at the Doggett, Coat & Badge. (A pub, of course.)