Comments: Dublin ho! Google job accepted

Well done that man !

I trust there will be a suitably large send off ?

Posted by Simon Wilcox at December 22, 2005 17:20

Hee hee, yep, reckon so!

In any case, Dublin's not that far really, about an hour on the plane, and the tickets on Ryanair had be easily had for 99p each way. And now everyone that knows me will have crashspace for Ireland trips ;-)

Posted by Paul Makepeace at December 22, 2005 17:31

None of my Irish buddies use RyanAir... they reckon Aer Lingus is worth the extra fifteen quid!

In any case, has anyone contacted the Irish press to warn them what is about to hit their shores? I think they should be told...

Posted by Dom at December 22, 2005 18:14

Top man! Enjoy! Remember...crash space!

Posted by Dave H at December 27, 2005 18:04

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Are you still there then?

Posted by Clare Gallagher at February 23, 2006 11:15
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