Comments: "Full" night's sleep

Am very interesting in your experiment - had never heard of polyphasic sleep.

First time I tried it, I woke up after 90 mins, felt great, stayed in bed and spent the next 2 hours in a hallucinatory fantasy whereby all my fixations (negative imprints) were dark attractor globules of negative energy swimming in a whole nebula of Qi. By unwrapping or piercing these globules I was able to disperse the energy and fixation - many of the globules taking me vividly back to forgotten memories. After the first hour I realised I'd built up and enormous amount of negative energy around my body. Probably should have got up and had a bath (water draining away can carry away Qi) but instead started programming my kidneys to work on it (as they should). I also found out that many of globules wouldn't disperse unless I sorted out the meridian disruptions (a la EFT).

So anyway, the fixations are gone and I consider it one of my most illuminated experiences.

Posted by Dave at December 17, 2005 06:21
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