Comments: First Great Western: still broken how I hate thee... doesn't work on macs, but doesn't tell you until it stumbles over the 'choose delivery address' thing. Ok, fire up VPC, it still is the most convoluted ordering process for a ticket one could imagine. I'm *not even having the tickets delivered* so why bother?

Run by Virgin too, I expect better.

Posted by paulpod at December 6, 2005 14:12

I am sure that you know that nothing has altered as at Seotember 10th 2006. I have been directed round in circles by this software asking me to register and then telling me I am already registered - dumb page then has nowhere to go but round again. When I phoned the rail service they said "well theres no fast ticket machine at Swindon station anyway ! Why don't managers review this software before releasing it

Posted by Graham at September 10, 2006 16:15

I have not been able to get through with purchasing tix from them and I have tried multiple times b/c it kept telling me I had done something wrong or that there were too many numbers in my credit card. All BS. But then the fees show up pending in my bank account, and I STILL don't have any confirmation codes for any purchases. They tell me the money will be refunded w/in a few days. We will see.

Posted by Jasmine at February 20, 2009 22:54
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