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hay, i am looking to invest in someone like you for my new company, SunStar, which is second to ebay only already, i need a manager, interested? ill pay 60k a year plus company bonus' and free internet. We are based in Wickham and need someone ASAP to be my Managing Director.

Posted by John at April 6, 2006 15:55

ha...ok..I applied 2 weeks ago second time (6 month ago 1st time) how perfect that I wrote...also for any other future positions :-) See ya in 4 years :-) ha ha

Posted by moonweaver at May 14, 2006 23:30

What happened? Did you ever get the job?

Posted by Brett at August 14, 2007 05:18

Brett - yeah I did, and have been at Google since Feb '06. We're still hiring!

Posted by Paul Makepeace at August 27, 2007 16:58

If anyone has a vacancy for a reliable baker I am your person.

Posted by Elspethtaylor at July 11, 2008 12:13
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