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Greetings from across the pond. Just thought I'd say hi. Ran across your blog on a google search. I am at three-weeks post-op from a right calcaneal fracture I got during a car accident at the beginning of August. Gives me an idea of what I'm in for the next few months...


Posted by Charlotte at September 8, 2005 07:42

Hi Paul, just been reading through your whole website (found whilst browsing through google for MBTs), and backpedalled through your medical history. Did you get those red MBTs you were thinking about? So long as the swelling is down enough to get a good fit, with the injuries you describe you are definitely on the right track. The clever MBT heel sensor creates no heel strike, no pressure on the heel bone/heel tissue, and no tautness on the planta-fascia from the heel to the toes. Buttocks become your engine for forward motion, not the balls of your feet, and your foot stays more relaxed because it has less to do. We have been getting referrals from foot surgeons who can really see progress in their patients - one popped in on Saturday to tell me that the surgeon had thought MBTs might buy her some time before second major foot surgery would be required...she says her life has been changed by them (she now has 6 pairs, just to ring the changes!), and 2nd surgery may well be avoided. Don't know where you live, but if you get onto the main MBT-UK website, you'll find your nearest MBT trainer. Please don't buy them off ebay - I know they're cheaper, but really and truely, and especially for rehab, you need to be shown how to use the technology so that you can make real progress (and the correct training is included in the price!). Hope this helps,
Cheers, Helen

Posted by Helen at October 3, 2005 17:37

my son-in-law smashed his heel august2006 surgeon says it was worst he had seen in fact there was a time they thought his foot would have to be amputated He goes to work every day as he can't stand being unemployed. He has been told he will never be the same he is very cripple. The Doctor has advised him to claim disability but as he works he feels he shouldn't do this but there are so many things he cannot do and lunch time is in so much pain. Can you give him any advice

Posted by Rena at June 13, 2007 01:22
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