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Paul, I followed the link at the bottom of one of your posts. I knew you were in a wheelchair following an accident but didn't know why. I was surprised to find that you had broken both heels and a vertebra: I broke both my heels on 8th October, falling off a ladder.

My fall was not as great as yours. I spent 3 weeks in hospital, was operated on one foot, the other just in a cast. Then I spent 6 weeks in a wheelchair and some weeks with crutches.

I was also surprised to see that you play the saxophone as I do too, however I play the tenor and the soprano more than the alto.

I suppose there stop the similarities as I am 55 years old, divorcing, French and have recently been the subject of a quadruple bypass operation (which did no favours to my legs!)

I will get active when I stop procastinating and put a little more order in my life...

Posted by Olivier at August 12, 2005 16:45

Paul, have you looked at backpackit? I like it for keeping to do lists. At work we share backbackit pages as well.

Posted by coco at August 15, 2005 22:55
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