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Posted by Avocado Tom at August 3, 2005 18:44

Are you allowed to go swimiming? I was thinking that you will be lossing a lot of cardiovascular fitness through not being able to run or bike, but that swimming might work. Of course, I have no idea what pain you might encounter kicking your legs.

Posted by Robert at August 8, 2005 09:54

Nice work Dude!
Just been catching up on your progress, -most impressive! Glad to read you're on the mend

Posted by smoo at August 8, 2005 18:48

Robert: yeah, I can swim. I just have to pay for a gym membership to get access to one within reasonable distance (I'll probably do this). My physio today referred me for some "hydrotherapy".

I can cycle now too and it's actually easier than walking, by approximately fifteen million times...

Tom, Smoo: thanks! :)

Posted by Paul Makepeace at August 10, 2005 19:03
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