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apparently jerry garcia used to fiendishly hunt for new guitar books everywhere he went. He liked to practice any new scales he could to enter new stuff into his muscle memory (or some such).

Jazz, man, Jazz.

Posted by avocado tom at July 29, 2005 18:20

Avo, yeah definitely - drilling motor paths with endless repetition is the way to get good fast. I used to practise all my juggling moves left and right-handed religiously, and then variations on timing, left, and right, and then variations on height, left, and right, and so on and on until I could move around the same move seamlessly.

Fantastic byproduct was being able to ad-lib fairly solid looking routines, which I guess is the same as Jazz improv.

Posted by Paul Makepeace at July 29, 2005 20:52

I am in need of different scales and trills for the flute any help would be most humbly accepted. thankyou for youe help and concern.

Posted by Suzan Lincoln at August 11, 2006 23:56
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