Comments: Haiku

To make a haiku
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffic

( borrowed from someone)

Posted by Eira at July 22, 2005 12:45

The haiku writer
scratching, puzzled, determined.
Winter turns to spring.

Posted by Nik at July 22, 2005 14:38

Damp air is enough:
discount seasonality.
Damn humidity!

Posted by Nik at July 22, 2005 14:42

Sunday AM:

Rain pouring outside;
choc-lit wheelchair mudslide pie.
Drenched quenched tomatoes.


Eira-Someone-is Simon Cooper Clarke-here's another poem by him:

"Tom Jones"
Back in town in a black rolls royce
the funky hunky housewives' choice
in one fact he can rejoice
his trousers don't affect his voice

Posted by Eva at July 24, 2005 23:59
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