Comments: Foot free at last

Your right foot is large because it is still swollen. It looks swollen and should be swollen after its various insults, and recent lack of movement means the fluid won't drain away so keep it rocking, kid.

Posted by Eira at July 15, 2005 21:20

well, that was disgusting.

ahh, the things you can find on google...

Posted by kayti at March 10, 2007 22:00

Glad to hear the pin-pulling was painless. And I'm hoping you were serious. I'm having two pins pulled out of my foot next week, and I'm a bit freaked out about it.

Your words eased my "freakness".

Thanks! D

Posted by Deanna at April 3, 2007 23:44

I under went an operation on my ankle following a car accient. I had to have screws and a metal plate inserted in it. After such a major incision is made to your foot the area around it stays numb due to damaged and cut nerves. it will take time for these nerves to is a very slow and gradual process, it is 4 years on and i still have not recoverd full feeling in the area around my ankle and heel but in time i know i will.. i wish you a safe and successful recovering and remember that time is certainly the best healer!

Posted by Sinead at August 23, 2007 16:02
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