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a high pagerank doesn't mean that the site is good too...

Posted by meeero at April 6, 2007 00:04


I've been seeing similar techniques all over the place, shameful as it is. Looks like our old pal is up to youtube spamming nowadays. Interesting how the domain is a front for several other agencies.

The 'sarahsterling' domain is hosted by WebAIR out of NY and I recall phoning in several spam complaints to them in the past. They should be considered 'spam-friendly' as far as I'm concerned.

By God, I think I might write a blog post about such techniques.

Interestingly enough, I did manage to find that the apache configuration for that domain is rather odd. try /cgi-bin/join2.cgi?url= ;) Oddly enough it sends back an HTTP 302 Found redirecting to the given URL.


Posted by Tim Hentenaar at April 16, 2008 05:24
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