Comments: The NHS Hospital Plan Diet

Very dark... I hope you're not as morbid as you sound here. I'll come and visit Friday afternoon when I get back from Malta if it's OK. Text me if you don't want it or I'll see you then.

Posted by Nik at June 8, 2005 15:34

Add visual value to your blog, let's have a photo diary of your nutritional input (probably not output though- and lucky for us, not currently aware that any olfactory blog technology exists)

NHS Website on Better Hospital Food:

Posted by Eva at June 8, 2005 17:39

Yeah, bit dark. It was meant to be, on balance, funny though. Eh... I guess I opted not to be a annoyingly chirpy fucker this time round, *pout*.

Eva: Rate My Poo

Posted by Paul Makepeace at June 8, 2005 18:57

Snap. I have recently recovered from bactarial gastroentritis and similarly, lost about seven kilograms. I have to buy new trousers.

Sorry to hear about your fall, that's hardcore.

Posted by suraya at June 8, 2005 20:54
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