Comments: Out of the fuzz!

Glad to hear you're drug-free at last Paul.

It's also good to hear that you're no longer bed-bound; has a general warning been issued to patients and hospital staff? It needs to be.

Posted by Dom at June 7, 2005 17:52

Would love to hear a more detailed account of your bowel movements, Paul. Perhaps we could find apropriate terms for your prodigious birthing experience in the Viz 'Profanisaurus'?
p.s. Did you weigh yourself after?

Posted by Claire at June 8, 2005 13:55


'since Sat night I've been on it like a demented nut - stretch bands, parcel tape DIY splint, hand work (!). I can now bend it back beyond 90°. This is still a bit sore so going easy on it for now.'

fnar, fnar.

Posted by Claire at June 8, 2005 13:59

That mathematician... did he discover it to be a natural log?

Posted by Nik at June 8, 2005 15:28

Good to hear that you are up and about Paul. And that you are ummm, taking shits again. :)

Posted by Pei at June 9, 2005 22:02
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