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Googling for sunshine quiz found me your website and i am trying to have my money returned too, I hope I am sucessfull though somehow I have a feeling that they only become "obliging" once they have been found out. we shall see.

eric ( codename fleeced in grumbletext )

Posted by eric at August 2, 2005 20:30

I have received two joke messages from 82277 which I also never signed up to receive.
Text STOP to the number and received a cancellation acknowledgement from them.
I have also left a message with the company as I would like a refund too.
I guess i will have to wait and see!!

Posted by Chris at September 8, 2005 16:19

These jerks have been sending me text jokes too and I don't subscribe for anything. So my logic says they're getting rich duping people and fobbing off those people that do bother to get to the bottom of it with lame excuses.

But how many people just keep recieving their texts for ages not knowing who is sending the texts and not knowing they cost £1.50 a time!

Anyway I've phoned and spoken to their darlek rather pissily, and I won't be very charming to anybody phoning me with a lame excuse for robbing me either.

A big thanks to you guys by the way as I've recieved these for months, thinking I'd saved a friend under numbers by mistake cause I can be dilly like that!

I texted asking who it was and only recieved a few more jokes instantly, and thought a mate was fooling around cause I didn't know who it was.

If I hadn't got a bit freaked out, and done a search on google for text 82277 and found your page, I'd have been getting them for years, not knowing which mate was pulling the piss!

I sure hope someone takes these guys out soon it's not fair that these bastards become rich off money they steal from us.

Posted by Michelle at October 24, 2005 19:38

I have received absolutely loads of texts from 82277, without signing up for them! Didn't realise it was costing me and when I did I didnt realise just how much! I'm gutted to think how much money has been wasted on this! Is there any way possible that I may be able to get my money back!? For some reason I'm thinking no!
I replied to one of the texts "stop" but it didnt stop. Many texts later, I was told to type "STOP ALL" I have received a text back saying "This is a service cancellation acknoledgement. Thank you for using our service and good bye." You have to remember to use CAPITALS or else it won't stop the texts! So I'm hoping that all these annoying and pricey texts will stop! Fingers crossed hey!

Please anyone let me know if you are able to get your money back somehow! Thanks.

Posted by Angela at November 11, 2005 00:53

this FCUKIN shit txt joke service send me sum wack joke messages and took my £1.50. this is fcukin thief man..i aint even signed up 4 lookin 2 get da police involve in this man because this is jus another way 2 thief peoples money

Posted by lorenzo at November 15, 2005 23:25

I too was inconvenienced by a number of nuisance texts from 82277 without signing up for such a service (and was later appalled to find out that I'd been paying for the priveledge this inconvenienced). I'd like to thank Paul for publishing this information; if I hadn't stumbled across the advice on this site, the texts would've continued indefinately.

If you've been moved to google 82277 and read this noticeboard, I'd urge you to issue a complaint with the ICSTIS. It took me three minutes to complain online, and a prosecution is only likely if a substantial volume of complaints is received.

Posted by Ashley at December 28, 2005 10:47

I have just recieved a text from this 82277 number. I have complained to ICSTIS and also got the company info....
Atlas Interactive
47b Welbeck Street
020 7258 8700

I will be calling them in the morning for a refund....cowboys!

Posted by Damian at January 19, 2006 20:43

Thanks for the info guys. Have so far received 3 "jokes" from these muppets. Have just sent the message STOP to them and will be calling their landline asap.

Thanks again - got your page from GOOGLE

HULL, Yorkshire & England

Posted by Tony at March 23, 2006 08:21

Thank you for the info I have now not only text STOP twice to them i have also text STOP ALL and I am still getting the texts I have phoned the numbers from this site and hopefully they will now stop. I have also put my complaint to ICSTIS and would urge everyone to do the same and maybe it will stop these cowboys from keeping this scam going.

Posted by karen at March 25, 2006 19:50

I've been receiving these txt messages and didn't even know they were costing me until I found this site urging me to demand a refund. Rang them plenty of times and no reply from them so will be making a formal complaint to ICSTIS about this. I don't want to be robbed for something I didn't even sign up for.

Posted by Sarah at March 29, 2006 15:20
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